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Image Of 5600103 - CF280 1219x1118x1064 - 3R SmartLink

5600103 - CF280 1219x1118x1064 - 3R SmartLink

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Combo Fructus® is safe, hygienic, profitable and sustainable. Combo Fructus® is designed to meet the unique logistics needs of the tomato paste and fruit juice industries. This version, Combo Fructus® 280 is ideal for refrigerated sea freight. The Combo Fructus® 280 features a double-wall structure making it very strong and durable. The T-shaped locking system provides maximum safety when stacked. The high folding ratio reduces the cost of reverse logistics and lowers the container's environmental impact. All parts are replaceable, maximising its lifespan. The design is also very safe, especially when being handled. Fork guidelines on the base, together with three strong skids and anti-slip plugs boost safety and improve the speed of handling. Multiple identification and tracking options are available. 

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  • ?atwa obs?uga przez jednego operatora
  • Easy to clean - smooth design
  • Stackable - with or without lid
  • Suitable for heavy duty usage
  • Foldable design - space saving
  • Bag-in-box system for transporting liquids
  • Tamper evident caps & closures available
  • Reinforced sidewalls
  • Strong & sturdy design
  • Innovative t-lock design
  • Easy to fold - hinge system
  • Easy to repair - bayonet system
  • Foldable design - space saving
  • SmartLink ready
  • Fully recyclable
  • Warranty

Specyfikacja produktu

Odnośnik do produktu5600103
Maksymalna długość zewnętrzna (L)1219 mm
Maksymalna szerokość zewnętrzna (W)1118 mm
Maksymalna wysokość zewnętrzna (H)1064 mm
Waga netto (Kg)102 kg
Zakres temperatury roboczej-20 °C - 40 °C
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