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Image Of 4430B20 - CL65 805x609x833 - 3R, BD with SmartLink

4430B20 - CL65 805x609x833 - 3R, BD with SmartLink

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ComboLife® 65: a reusable IBC with disposable liner and valve prevents contamination.

The ComboLife® 65 is a compact foldable IBC designed to handle a variety of fluid products. Lightweight and standard footprint, ComboLife® 65 combines a practical, cost-effective distribution system with great resource efficiency. The ComboLife® 65 satisfies all health and safety requirements. 

A free material butterfly valve is available with 250 and 1000 L liners. Naturally, these apply to the latest EC and French food contact regulations. The ComboLife® 65 is a reusable IBC with a disposable liner and valve, which prevents contamination whilst ensuring your safety and hygiene. 

Process and logistics

The design of ComboLife® 65 is made to maximize logistical savings. Thanks to the fast and easy handling, the ComboLife® 65 can be set up and handled by one operator only. Its 60% folding ratio allows 5 stacked columns of folded IBC per truck, drastically reversing your reverse logistics costs. The ComboLife® 65 withstands road rails and sea freight with 1400 kg unit load.


Tough and long-lasting: the double-wall structure enables up to 7500 kg stacking load or 4 on 1 pile minimizing storage space. Our easy exchangeable spares and liners ensure you implement the ComboLife® 65 in the daily process, also under heavy conditions.


    Więcej szczegółów


    • Wska?nik poziomu
    • Easy to clean design
    • Stackable - with or without lid
    • Suitable for heavy-duty usage
    • Foldable - space saving
    • Bag-in-box system for transporting liquids
    • Easy emptying - bottom discharge
    • Available with semi-open lid for emptying when container is closed
    • Tamper evident caps & closures available
    • Manufactured according to ISO standards
    • Variety of liners available
    • Compatible with DN50 valve
    • SmartLink ready
    • Warranty
    • Fully recyclable
    • SmartLink® - sidewall orientation option

    Specyfikacja produktu

    Odnośnik do produktu4430B20
    Maksymalna długość zewnętrzna (L)809 mm
    Maksymalna szerokość zewnętrzna (W)609 mm
    Maksymalna wysokość zewnętrzna (H)834 mm
    Waga netto (Kg)20 kg
    Zakres temperatury roboczej-10 °C - 40 °C
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