Schoeller Allibert launches detectable RTP for use in the Food processing industry

In most food processing industries where foods and ingredients are cut, ground and mixed, small metal particles can become dislodged from cutting machine blades, and plastic particles from containers can pose a real risk if not detected during the various production processes.

Ultimate customer claims can be very costly and damaging to the brand image, hence the crucial need to detect non-food particles.

The use of blue-colored plastics is a first step because it can be easily detected visually, but once mixed into processed food it can become invisible.

At Schoeller Allibert, we strive to deliver state-of-the-art, optimized solutions to our customers and are proud to announce that we now offer detectable HDPE and PP plastic materials, which can ensure the detection of very small plastic particles/chips in any food mix.

The required percentage of additives is calculated according to the size or particles to be detected.

The additives are approved for food contact and do not affect the mechanical performance of the container, pallet or rigid pallet containers.

Detection can be done with most common metal detectors already present in the food processing industry, so no additional equipment or investment is needed. Implementation is quick and easy and efficiency is maximized.

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