Introducing JumboNest®, the innovative next generation Rigid Pallet Container (RPC)

Hygienic, fully stackable and designed to maximise freight storage, JumboNest® is the next generation in sustainable, returnable packaging. Food safe, robust and manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures from -7°c to +40°c, it is the ultimate choice for industries including: Food & Food Processing, Beverage, Agriculture, Retail, Industrial Manufacturing and Recycling.

Announcing the launch of JumboNest® Ludo Gielen, CEO of Schoeller Allibert says:

“As Europe’s market leader in supply chain operations, JumboNest® represents the latest and most innovative product in Schoeller Allibert’s commitment to the circular economy. We aim to promote and safeguard sustainability through the design and creation of environmentally responsible logistical solutions that serve global supply chains.”  

Designed for efficiency, built to last

Providing up to 525 litres of capacity, 600 kg per container and stackable up to six boxes high, JumboNest® improves vehicle fill by 250% and is nestable when empty – enabling suppliers and forwarders to optimise limited freight space.  

Constructed from a single piece of high-density plastic, JumboNest® guarantees strength and rigidity while no awkward-to-reach areas ensure hygiene. With easy-grab handles on all four sides and integrated shock absorbers, JumboNest® is also practical, resilient and built to survive even the toughest environments.

Available in two base configurations – either feet or runners, JumboNest® also comes with the option of additional castors for maximum manoeuvrability. Both JumboNest® versions can be fully stacked for versatility.

Smarter features for a sustainable future

JumboNest® has been specifically designed with conical sidewalls, allowing airflow to improve cold air circulation when containers are stacked and flanked. This innovative feature reduces the amount of energy needed to store temperature-critical produce – minimising the environmental impact. In addition, JumboNest® fulfils consumer and supplier demand for traceability with two RFID panels and designated clear-view label zones.

Suitable for both automated and manual operating systems, the JumboNest® range provides a truly flexible solution, irrespective of business size or technical capability.

JumboNest® can be upgraded to include Internet of Things (IoT) functionality providing complete transparency over vital statistics including location, temperature and humidity at every stage of the transportation process.

Customised to withstand the rigours of industry and retail

JumboNest® has been tailored to eliminate classic pinch points. Features include increased height clearance for ease of use while multiple contact zones ensure stability. JumboNest® can also be customised to create a fit for purpose solution for a range of sectors. Technical specifications include:

  • External measurements: 1200 mm x 1000 mm x 784 mm

  • Weight: 40,5 kg (8282.100) – 41,4 kg (8282.200)

  • Nested height: 202.5 mm

  • Volume: 525 L

  • Unit load: 600 kg

  • Stacking load: 3200 kg

For a video introduction to the JumboNest®