Founded in 1963 Gekäs Ullared is Scandinavia's largest department store. Clothing, household goods, linen, accessories, health & beauty products... anything can be found at Gekäs. With 4,5 Million visitors per year, and 35 000 square meters of retail space, sales reached 4,3 Billion SEK in 2012. Goods arrive in sea containers and are repacked in the 29 000 Square meters warehouse, into "in store" display units, on wooden pallets.

Gekäs Ullared AB was founded in 1963 and is Scandinavia's largest department store. With four and a half million visitors annually, Geka?s Ullared AB represents also the largest destination. Geka?s Ullared AB offers a shopping experience beyond the ordinary, distributed on 35 000 square meters of retail space you will find in “everything for the home that can fit in a car“.

In peak season employs approximately 1,400 people in the store to get the business to go around. Other times, they have about 600 full-time employees.

2012 sales for Gekäs Ullared AB (including the Gekäs village) landed at 4.3 billion SEK. Ever since its inception in 1963, they have increased their turnover every year. Geka?s Ullared AB has over a number of years been awarded the AAA by Dun & Bradstreet Equity AB.

The initial packaging and handling issues

Inside Gekäs 29 000 square meters warehouse, in coming goods are stored on racks in their original packaging i.e., cardboard boxes and wooden pallets of different quality and origin. When it’s time to move goods to the store shelves, all products are re packed in “in store display units “and transferred to a 10 000 SM fully automated warehouse within store area: Euro wooden pallets and steel grid frames of cardboard boxes. Pallets being stored outside when not used, they keep moisture in and have a bad and dirty look for store shelf. On top handling may be difficult particularly on conveyors and goods damaged by splinters.

The Schoeller Allibert Solution

Bipp 7340 medium duty pallet perfectly meets all the Gekäs requirements:

  • Perfectly fits and function with existing conveying and automated handling devices, - Compatible with existing metal grid frames,

  • On rack unit load up to 500 kg, with no bending nor damages,

  • Nice and soft design that does not stand out in store,

  • Easy to clean and not absorbing any moisture . stored outside without any risk,

  • After a few months trial, the Schoeller Allibert solution is fully adopted and approved, implementation is ongoing.