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Image Of 7877004 - Maxinest Clip Spring

7877004 - Maxinest Clip Spring

This Maxinest Spring clip is used to securely connect two maxinests to eachother so that safe and steady stacks are ensured. Maxinest® is an award-winning, proven retail market leader. With its high nesting ratio, the Maxinest® is designed to replace one-way transport packaging for food and grocery retail. Reducing your business' transport costs and improve the efficiency of your supply chain logistics. Maxinest® is the only produce tray offering multi-height options enabling the same tray to be used for different applications. Optimize warehouse and vehicle fill with the Maxinest®. Customizable thanks to the print areas on both long sides. 

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Külső maximális hossz (L)282.8 mm
Külső maximális szélesség (W)13.6 mm
Külső maximális magasság (H)24 mm
Nettó súly (kg)0.044 kg