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Image Of 1325835 - Seals Integra (Set of 100)

1325835 - Seals Integra (Set of 100)

This set of 100 Integra seals enable safe and secure transportation. To seal and secure your property, our Integra series can be equipped with security seals. Our Integra attached lid containers protect products from pollution and contamination. Safe and secure transportation thanks to security seals and lids allowing strapping. Its design with bumpers on ends avoid piling up on conveyors. When empty, the Integra saves you space thanks to its high nesting ratio. Customizable thanks to the integrated label holder and stripped zones for self-adhesive labels. 

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Külső maximális hossz (L)27 mm
Külső maximális szélesség (W)12 mm
Külső maximális magasság (H)20 mm
Nettó súly (kg)0.08 kg