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Image Of 4163820 - Lid R-KLT D49 400x300x22

4163820 - Lid R-KLT D49 400x300x22

This lid fits perfectly on our 300x400 R-KLT series. Designed for automated handling, the R-KLT VDA series offers advantages over the standard KLT such as high dimensional stability and robustness. The R-KLT VDA range has single walls and a composite base which enables composite stacking. Easy cleaning thanks to its smooth inner surfaces. The R-KLT VDA range containers have a low tare weight and increased effective volume due to the one-wall construction. Ergonomic bottom-gripping handles on the longitudinal sides and auxiliary grips on the front side facilitate handling. 

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Spécifications du produit

Référence du produit4163820
Longueur maximale externe (L)366 mm
Largeur maximale externe (W)268 mm
Hauteur maximale extérieure (H)22 mm
Poids net (Kg)0.3 kg
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Demande de devis