Rigid Pallet Containers

Strong and easy to clean

Rigid pallet containers like our Big Box and Geobox do not fold down like our Combo IBC containers. They are designed with rounded rims and corners, which means that they are easy to maintain clean and ensure maximum load capacity and protection of goods.

Accessories include access doors, castor wheels, skids and lids, as well as drain plugs and taps. Perforated sides and base can be specified. The pallet containers maintain the same consistent low weight, wet or dry, and can be used in precision check weighing systems.

Big Box advantages

Our Big Box pallet container range has straight, smooth double-skinned walls, which give it a large internal volume. Our Big Box provides significant advantages over traditional industrial packaging solutions, such as reduced weight, increased durability, improved hygiene, product protection, better ergonomics, logistics efficiency and compatibility with automated handling systems.

Geobox advantages

Geobox bulk boxes are strong, durable and hygienic. Ideal for a host of applications where cleanliness and hygiene are important: food processing, vegetable harvesting & distribution, meat handling, fishing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.