Our Values




The only way to meet our ambitions is working together, with all our colleagues and other stakeholders. Therefore we rely on another. The level of trust in our working environment is high. And loyalty is key in our teams. We always have respect and show passion and enthusiasm.

We also have respect for our role in the company and teams. We own our work and responsabilities. And we take initiative. With energy we challenge ourselves (and others). We motivate colleagues by being dedicated: we lead by example.

And there can be no doubt about our approach to customers and other stakeholders; we exceed their expectations and deliver on time and in full. 

Being part of Schoeller Allibert

‘If we care about our employees, our employees care about our customers’, this is the key driver for Schoeller Allibert’s corporate vision, putting people at the heart of its business. Committed, talented and passionate employees are key for the continued success of the business and are the best ambassadors for Schoeller Allibert. 

Schoeller Allibert believes in investing in professional growth and development from within, resulting in the right team of leaders, professionals and experts. At the same time, the company is looking for talented individuals to join, who can bring relevant external experience and add value to the business.

It’s important to Schoeller Allibert that the employees share the Company values (Trust, Own & Deliver) and believe in its corporate vision for a more sustainable world, which underlies the way Schoeller Allibert works. 

The company's talent review matches the needs of the business at the same time taking into consideration the personal wishes and development needs of its people. In this way Schoeller Allibert can create opportunities for business and personal growth. 

In addition, Schoeller Allibert offers developmental programmes, focusing on the various career stages and challenges that (potential) leaders go through. Participants come from a diverse Schoeller Allibert, nationalities, businesses, and functional backgrounds. 

“We take the development of our people very seriously because we know that in the end it’s not strategies but people that make the difference.” – Corporate HR Director

Schoeller Allibert has a strong focus on entrepreneurship, ensuring a sustainable corporate culture for the next generations. Schoeller Allibert has a long-term vision, which reflects in its company values; Trust Own & Deliver, and focus on people development. We care for our people and we care for your future.

Our ambition for our people

Learning & Development

Learning and development are based on challenge and passion. We invest in attracting, developing and retaining talented people. We can facilitate and challenge, but our employees have to rise to the occasion.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to developing a diverse workforce in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect and has the opportunity to contribute to business success and realise his or her potential. This means harnessing the unique skills and experience that each individual brings.

Code of conduct

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