At Schoeller Allibert, sustainability is a vital part of our business. We believe in a future where efficiency and environmental mindfulness go hand in hand, where resources are repurposed, waste is minimized, and our planet thrives. Our commitment to the circular economy, creating a futureproof planet, and upholding integrity is reflected in our sustainability report, guiding our relentless pursuit of a more sustainable world.


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In our pursuit of sustainability, we not only work to reduce our operational carbon footprint but we empower our clients to decarbonize their supply chains. By offering reusable, circular and digital solutions, we aim not only to set new standards in returnable transport packaging products but also to foster smarter, more efficient supply chains.

With millions of tons of packaging waste generated annually, a substantial part coming from transport packaging in supply chains, our reusable solutions stand out for their durability and sustainability, aligning closely with our mission to achieve full circularity by 2050. Find out more about our strategy in our summary.

More circularity - less carbon emissions: Since 2020 to 2023, we have recycled


tons of plastic into new high-quality crates, boxes and pallets.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Innovation for a circular economy icon

Innovation for a circular economy

We design and innovate returnable packaging to meet the world’s need for sustainable and circular solutions.


Future proof planet

We enable the transition to a low-carbon economy in packaging and help shape a greener future.


Integrity at heart

We respect and value our employees and all our stakeholders and live up to the highest standards of ethics and governance.

Sustainability Strategy & Report 2023

Sustainability strategy & report 2022

This publication sets out how Schoeller Allibert works to fulfil its purpose of accelerating sustainable supply chains. Sustainability has always been at the heart of Schoeller Allibert’s business model, and our sustainability strategy has been designed to drive progress on the topics that are most pressing for society, the environment and our business.


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