Schoeller Allibert Dollies:

Light and strong moving base for fast deliveries

600X400 Foortprint range:

All decks have atop rim to secure loads when moving. Internal dimensions of decks are adapted to stack only, folding and most stack nest boxes.

One model (8400551) enables cardboard boxes 600 x 400 to perfectly fit inside.

Linkable dollies are designed to allow fast order preparation on retail DC's.

The large choice of wheels adapts to any flooring Swivel wheels option improve manoeuvrability.

800X600 Universal Dolly

With a load capacity up to 500 kgs, our Universal Dolly, can carry all types of industrial goods, and be the perfect base of RTP used a on shelf packaging.

The 10 pop-ups on it's deck, enable safely secure loads of different sizes.

Ergonomics are maximised when using its special handle.