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Image Of 93940C1 - TankGo 500L - 1160x1160x895

93940C1 - TankGo 500L - 1160x1160x895

TankGo: Ideal for transporting hazardous liquid products
TankGo® range is reusable throughout its service life, in line with UN certification for the transportation of hazardous materials. TankGo is 100% plastic, ensuring it is maintenance-free. No oxidation and maintenance thanks to its fully plastic design. Intensively reusable thanks to its thick-walled rationally molded tank and structure to effortlessly withstand impacts and frequent handling. Safe, stable unladen stacking thanks to the 4 rigid pivots.
Optional personalization through the marking of logos, registration, and instructions. Easy to handle thanks to the forklift entries on the long and short side. Safe to transport due to the centering points for straps to safe load in the truck. Easy access to the reinforced valve, guaranteeing full drainage or emptying.


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  • 100% Plastic - No corrosion
  • Intensively reusable
  • Safe transport
  • Easy customisation

Product specifications

Product reference93940C1
External max length (L)1160 mm
External max width (W)1160 mm
External max height (H)895 mm
Net weight (Kg)69.8 kg
Operational temperature range-10 °C - 40 °C
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