Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208, dispensing excellence for the beverage industry

Schoeller Allibert developed approximately 20 years ago the new foldable format, which has become a global standard in many sectors. Following the successful introduction of the Magnum Optimum Optishute® and Magnum Optimum Hopper®, both with a standard footprint of 1200 mm x 1000 mm it was time to also introduce a 1200 mm x 800 mm footprint version of the Magnum Optimum Hopper®.

“The Magnum Optimum® range has already changed supply chains for a multitude of sectors. We are excited to share that Schoeller Allibert’s strongest Foldable Large Container (FLC) series will get another addition specifically for the beverage industry to dispense caps & closures in the most efficient way, the Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208 .” Jan De Witte, CSO Schoeller Allibert Group.

The foldable, smooth foldable large container with hopper feature, is capable of dispensing parts through a base opening. This container will be the benchmark when shipping caps & closures for the beverage industry. Other than the beverage industry the Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208 is extremely suitable for applications concerning food & food processing (like bubble gum, coffee cups, confectionary), dry chemicals, packaging (preforms) and raw materials (big bags) but can also be used in several other markets.

If you add our new service model to this, you will be able to easily rent this solution and track it through the SmartLink® platform. This will not only improve your supply chains’ KPI, but also will optimise your capex.

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Reduce your carbon footprint and eliminate packaging waste

With a weight of 71 kg and a usable volume of 725 litres the Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208 can handle a unit load up to 500 kg. When empty it can save up to 57% of space, which means that in a standard trailer 66 erected boxed can be transported, while 165 units can be returned folded in the same standard trailer. This dramatically helps to reduce your carbon footprint by saving space in return logistics.

The Magnum Optimum Hopper® features a special hopper base which eliminates packaging waste and removes the need for liners, a separate pallet base or cardboard frames. The wide opening in the hopper base (286 x 186 mm) enables 100% control on the flow of all types of parts - including caps, closures, and accessories – meaning that they can be unloaded in evenly dispensed volumes and fully controlled quantities. In comparison with our Magnum Optimum 1210 Hopper® version, the dispensing slider is placed at the short side.

Need to dispense even more? The Optiframe® spacer increases the height and the volume.

Folding & unfolding in 5 seconds

Non-sequential folding and easy-to-handle sidewall locks make it possible for one operator to erect the container within 5 seconds. Thanks to the handgrips in the panels folding can be done within the same 5 seconds. The large self-locking drop doors on front and side combines easy operator access while maintaining the panel strength.

Anti-slip plugs reinforce safety and speed handling and fork tine guides on base, strong three skids base. Moreover a 4-way fork truckload entry and an easy to clean surface makes the Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208 a must have product for all beverage supply chains.

Smooth as a …

The drainage holes of the Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208 protect from retaining water if stored outside, its smooth walls and internal base are easy-to-clean and minimize cost of washing and drying.

Repairable, Reusable, 100% Recyclable

100% rackable and designed with standard sized panels and using Schoeller Allibert’s exclusive Bayonet® interlocking system. The Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208 is reusable and sustainable: with a minimized number of parts that can all be easily replaced; maintenance costs are reduced, and life span increased. To further lower the carbon footprint the Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208 can be fully recycled after its long service life.


Like the Magnum Optimum® 1208, the Magnum Optimum Hopper® 1208 also offers many identification options:

  • recessed zones for bar code labels on all sides

  • large inserts for customer logo for an easy identification of the fleet

  • pockets in skids are included for RFID labels or IoT (Internet of Things) devices

  • the ID plate on base indicates height and handling instructions to enable efficient tracking and fleet management.

Thanks to SmartLink® readiness, we are prepared for the future of logistics. The ability to track and trace deliveries in real-time provides total visibility and highlights transportation pinch points promoting future best practices – helping save on fuel costs and reducing polluting CO2 emissions.

Configured for endurance

Fully configurable based on the following options:

  • Lid/dust cover

  • Label holder(s)

  • Short sidewall options

  • Long sidewall options

  • Optiframe(s)® (up to 3)

  • Base footprint options

Technical details include:

  • External measurements: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 1168 mm

  • Internal measurements: 1142 mm x 742 mm x 987 mm

  • Weight: 71 kg

  • Capacity: 725 L

  • Unit load: 500 kg

  • Static stacked load: 2300 kg

  • Folding ratio: 57%

  • Folding height: 525 mm

  • Temperature range: -20°c to 40°c

  • Different configurations are possible.

Watch the video introduction of the Magnum Optimum Hopper®1208 here: