Speedy Valve, the next generation DN50 valve

Speedy Valve® has recently been developed by Schoeller Allibert for use in the foldable liquid bag-in-box industry. Having successfully introduced the Schoeller DN 50 butterfly valve 20 years ago, we took the valve to the next level, improving the customer experience for fillers and dischargers of the Combo Excelsior®.

“The Speedy Valve® makes filling & dispensing easier, faster, and more secure for the future. We are happy to add this valve to our range and will of course keep on innovating.” Jan De Witte, CSO Schoeller Allibert Group.

Easy to use, this tamper-evident valve is the benchmark when shipping bulk liquid goods. Thanks to its Releasy® mechanism, valves can easily be removed from the Combo Excelsior®, the premier range of intermediate bulk containers. Engineered plastics and special valve seals make the Speedy Valve® a must-have in food, pharma and cosmetics supply chains as they are BPA-free, steamable and have improved content security.

The new valve design also ensures fast emptying. A recent benchmark study shows that the Speedy Valve® is better than the most common valves on the market. To give an example: in comparison to the Ball Valve, our Speedy Valve® has a 14% faster discharge speed* (8,31 vs. 9,43 minutes).

More operator friendly

Thanks to the 2-step opening mechanism, the Speedy Valve® is more operator-friendly and easier to open and close.

Steaming HOT

Multiple extensive steam tests have been carried out to meet aseptic filling & discharge applications in the food industry. The result was clear: the Speedy Valve® meets the most stringent industry requirements, making it extremely suitable for aseptic applications.

The Releasy® mechanism

This mechanism enables much safer and easier handling of the fitment and valve while significantly reducing the chance of damage to your intermediate bulk container. It also ensures a longer shelf life for the valve*.

Lubricant free

The Speedy Valve® is the first ever butterfly valve on the market which does not need lubricants, solving any potential cross-contamination risks.

Longer shelf life

The DN 50 currently has six months of shelf life, which includes production, transport, and storage. Thanks to a new butterfly silicone ring capable of extending the product shelf life, Speedy Valve® does not have that limit and offers a more extended shelf life.

Food compliance

The addition of a light blue ring (O-Ring) offers extra security for food applications. The light blue colour is used to meet the food industries’ requirements for foreign bodies. Moreover, the Speedy Valve® is lubricant-free so there is also no risk of contamination.

A perfect match

Speedy Valve® has already found its perfect match in our Combo Excelsior®. If you chose a Combo Excelsior® 265 there is already a Releasy® mechanism included and you can directly opt for the Speedy Valve®. In the case of a Combo Excelsior® Hybrid, you will need to use a DN 50 side hook connection with a Clip-on Releasy®.


  • External max length (L): 78 mm

  • External max width (W): 140 mm

  • External max height (H): 139.2 mm

Also available:

  • DN 50 Releasy® clip

  • DN 50 cut membrane gland adaptor, Releasy® compatible

  • DN 50 standards, side hooks suitable for 1000L and 250L


For a video introduction to the Speedy Valve®: