Schoeller Allibert: your automotive logistics partner – also for EVs!

Are you looking for an automotive logistics partner? Schoeller Allibert has got you covered. We have a long history of excellence in the industry, powered by a strong tradition of innovation. Which means that even if you’re looking for new solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) and EV batteries, we are there for you. We’re nothing if not flexible, and that also goes for how we deliver our services. Choose SmartLink® for the latest in connected technology and a fully visible supply chain. Or try our rental solution, to minimise your capital expenditure.

The automotive industry is undergoing its biggest transformation in a century, with ‘traditional’ internal combustion engines (ICEs) rapidly giving way to EVs, be they hybrids (PHEVs) or full-electric (BEVs). 

The paradigm shift doesn’t stop there, with hydrogen being the next technology likely to break into the mainstream. 

Standardised and innovative

Faced with all that change, the entire automotive supply chain, from OEM to Tier-n, needs logistical solutions that are not just tried and tested, but also flexible and adaptive. Schoeller Allibert has plenty to offer on both accounts.

On the one hand, we have standardised products like our VDA crates, Galia containers and a wide range of Euro containers. And on the other, we offer innovative and more sustainable solutions like our Magnum Optimum® or Prelog series, which offer the best folding ratio and the biggest internal volume of all folding large containers (FLCs) and folding small containers (FSCs) on the market. 

Sustainability targets

And whatever our automotive packaging solution, the guiding principle is always the same: it is specifically designed to eliminate waste, to increase efficiency and to maximise savings. It is intensely reusable, and fully compatible with all automated processing equipment. 

This ensures faster loops, over many years of use, helping our customers reach and surpass their sustainability targets.

Universal or specific

Automotive parts come in various shapes and sizes. Schoeller Allibert has solutions for all of them. Whether large or small, Schoeller Allibert offers a range of universal packaging solutions for standard parts.

We also provide specific packaging solutions for parts that have unusual shapes, or which are very delicate. Either way, Schoeller Allibert’s products make sure the cargo is fully protected and 100% safe, whether on an inbound, in-plant or after-sales journey.

Just one example: our BoxerPac Sleeve pack system is perfect for lighter, injection-moulded parts such as interior components. 

Tailored solutions

We know our solutions are tailored to the need of the market because we develop those solutions in close consultation with our clients – which include the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and pooling operators.

This includes aspects as diverse as the dimensions of the containers (cut-and-weld solutions to increase or decrease size), and the nature of the dunnage used (from textile over thermoformed trays to foam or any other solution that best fits the requirements). 

Some other examples:

  • Battery cell value chain structure. EV batteries require unique packaging solutions; Schoeller Allibert is currently developing an FLC specifically for lithium-ion batteries and battery cells.

  • UN certified solutions. This certification facilitates safe transport of hazardous goods. Our MaxiLog® or BigBox Classic 1210 series can be used for lead battery boxes for ICE vehicles. And we’re currently developing a solution for airbag transport.

  • ESD material. Cars are increasingly technology-rich. We offer a wider range of ESD-approved containers for the safe transport of electronic components. 

End-to-end solution for a digitised supply chain 

With parts and shapes becoming increasingly diverse, higher volumes being shipped and greater distances covered than ever before, automotive logistics has to be self-explanatory, offer actionable insights, map supply chains and help reduce loss, theft and idle assets. Schoeller Allibert has a solution that manages to do all these things at once – SmartLink®.

In short, SmartLink® connects your packaging solution to the internet, making it discoverable at all times, thus digitising your supply chain and creating an end-to-end solution for a digitised supply chain. Some specific benefits:

  • Traceability. Your logistics assets as well as your transported components can be tracked and traced at all times, making your supply chain transparent and predictable.

  • Increased efficiency. Utilisation of your assets increases, with beneficial results for production as well.

  • Cost reduction. Less downtime for your assets also means less storage cost.

  • Loss reduction. Track-and-traceability also eliminates the risk of loss, and increases the chances of recovery in case of theft.

Why not go for rental? 

In these economically volatile times, reducing costs is top of mind for all companies. Schoeller Allibert offers an exciting alternative to automotive logistics players to reduce their capital expenditure: instead of buying their assets, why not rent them?

Schoeller Allibert Services offers crates, containers and other logistical assets for rent. A practice with several benefits:

  • Cost. Obviously, rental costs considerably less than acquisition, significantly reducing expenditure.

  • Flexibility. Rental is an ideal way to match the availability of assets with changes in requirements.

  • Upscaling. Renting logistical assets allows operators to keep their logistical assets up to date, and to upscale them to fit ever stricter needs in terms of quality, safety and sustainability.

Customer stories

The secret to satisfied customers is no secret at all. In one word: it’s all about collaboration. Not just in finding (or designing) the right asset, also in working with the customer to deploy the right solution in the right way. Schoeller Allibert can list plenty of customer stories to prove that point. Here are just a few:

  • Hollow steel frames delivered by a manufacturer of steel automotive components were exposed to the elements in transport, taking up too much space upon arrival, and the reverse logistics was very costly. Magnum Optimum® 975 increased truck load by 9% and reduced reverse logistics costs. ROI was achieved after just one year.

  • A customer of ours, a manufacturer of tires, brake systems, interior electronics and all kinds of other automotive parts, used one-way packaging for its pumps and engine modules, which proved complex, time-consuming and polluting. A customized Magnum Optimum® solved all these issues, increasing quality, savings and sustainability.

  • Our 800x600 Magnum provided the ideal solution for a turbocharger supplier looking for a clean system that provided easy access at the assembly lines. The cost of transport and maintenance was reduced by up to 60%.

  • Another customer of ours, a manufacturer of headlamps for cars and trucks, was receiving parts in a wide variety of packaging, creating problems. All suppliers were shifted to VDA R-KLT ESD material containers in two standard footprints, with great improvements in efficiency and quality.

Will your journey to a better automotive packaging solution become another Schoeller Allibert success story? We will do everything we can to meet your requirements. Contact us for more information: