Magnum Optimum 1210 - Summit Europe BV

Summit Europe BV is a leader in the manufacturing of metal aerosol valves and actuators. Facing challenges with their current packaging solutions, Summit started looking for a more efficient reusable foldable large container and found our Magnum Optimum to be the best solution.

With their European headquaters stationed in The Netherlands, Almere, Summit Europe BV is a privately held, family owned company. They have five manufacturing sites all over the world. They produce about 4 mln vales every day for personal care, industrial, house hold items and for the food industry.


They wanted to replace their current fleet of old containers with our Schoeller Allibert foldable large containers. This to create their own fleet that was not depending on the USA, but to enable self-management.


They needed a strong foldable large container to hold 500 kg of load cups including the lid. The stacking of the FLC needed to stack 6 high, racking if possible in a 1000 mm and 50 mm width racks. Moreover they needed to be stacked 3 high in standard Polish trucks. Next to that when using a "tipper" machine, they needed easy tilting.


The Magnum Optimum 1200mm x 1000mm without doors was tested succesful and implemented.