magnum helium at decathlon oxylane

World Top player of outdoor and sports goods & equipment retail, Decathlon has chosen the Magnum Helium to improve its upstream logistics efficiency between national or regional DC and stores in many countries worldwide. The Magnum Helium FLC was developed in close cooperation between the SA project team and Decathlon...

Decathlon was created in 1976, originally a French sports garments retail shop. In 1986, the first shop outside of France opened in Germany and Decathlon also started designing and manufacturing of its own brand products. Worldwide expansion was quite fast and, in 2003, they opened their first China shop. In 2008 Oxylane name was born replacing the Decathlon to cover and manage the different activities including R&D, design and manufacturing, on top of several retail brands.

Operating more than 700 Decathlon shops worldwide, Oxylane has been using Schoeller Allibert RTP for a long time: Magnum (FLC) and CMB (FSC). In 2009 Decathlon asked Schoeller Allibert R&D to develop a lightweight Foldable Large Container designed to meet non-food medium density goods logistics, from national or regional DC to stores.

Magnum Helium is a 1200X800 FLC with multiple height versions from 750 mm to 1150 mm, featuring a pallet base enabling handling by forklift and compatibility with conveying system. It provides from 463 to 792 liters of usable volume to optimize cubic filling both at storage and upstream logistics.

Weighing only 26 to 36 kg, Magnum Helium is easy to handle and reduces fuel consumption while in transit. Lightweight and strong, it can carry 200 to 300 kg unit load and can stack 2 on 1, optimizing truck filling.

With smooth internal walls and large drop doors on sides, Magnum Helium is easy and safe to load and unload, easing and speeding loading and picking operations.

Magnum Helium is supplied with a lid and is compatible at stacking with the 600X400X400 FSC. CMB Decathlon is also using for smaller and high value goods that are perfectly protected. Specific Decathlon feature is the attached lid which improves security and enables easier fleet management, making the container + lid one piece of RTP.

Magnum Helium is fully recyclable and can be manufactured with recycled material according to customer needs and use.

Versatility, sustainability and efficiency are achieved with Magnum Helium and the Decathlon fleet of around 35 000 units is still growing, being implemented in new countries.