New modern magenta containers for fedefarma

Fedefarma is a pharmaceutical cooperative that operates in the health field offering comprehensive services for pharmacies, providing solutions to improve competitiveness, profitability and enhancing the health role of the pharmacist. The fedefarma cooperative is created by and for pharmacists.

They were already working with Schoeller Allibert stack/nest crates in the past. The need arises to renew the park of crates to continue improving their service. A new crate with RFID and new colour to define the new generation in crates.

Always thinking of improving the service offered by the cooperative, they need new crates with RFID locator chips. This allows them to increase the efficiency in the deliveries to the pharmacy, to always be at the forefront of technology and to be able to respond to the digital future of the pharmacy.

We developed improvements in the mould to address all the future needs of Fedefarma.


  • Automation: new base which was adapted to rollers and automation necessities

  • Protection: Solid sides which protect the contents even better

  • Traceability: RFID makes sure their pool is better controlled and traced.

Discover the transformation: