CONTINENTAL Automotive Czech Republic s r o, located in Turnov, is manufacturing and assembling pumps and engines modules for major OEM vehicles companies worldwide.

Since 2010 CONTINENTAL CZ is manufacturing FC1 modules for Fiat. Those aluminum parts, heavy and fragile were individually packed in bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes with lid, shipped to FIAT 1700 km away on one way wooden pallet.

The issues

Quality issues at customer FIAT location, with dust migrating from packaging and polluting modules. Loading, packing, unpacking were much time consuming due to packaging complexity, bubble pack cardboard boxes and lids and wooden pallet had to be discarded and sorted for destruction.

The cost of this very complex packaging was very high. Only 5 layers of cardboard boxes could be stored and shipped on a pallet. 1,2 m high. No over palletizing possible due to limited mechanical resistance of packaging.

The Schoeller Allibert solution

Customized Magnum Optimum with bespoke thermoformed trays.

7 layers of trays containing 10 modules each,stacked in the Magnum optimum equipped with 3 optiframe to increase internal volume.

Thermoformed trays, stack nest, have been designed by a local Czech company in cooperation with Continental and Schoeller Allibert to insure 100% compatibility and space saving.

The Schoeller Allibert solution main benefits

Improved Logistics efficiency

For shipping modules, 2 Magnum Optimum are stacked full in trucks, increasing payload.

Reverse logistics is optimized thanks to the 7 nesting thermoformed trays that fit inside the 315mm space left inside the folded Magnum Optimum® . 3 folded Magnum fit in trucks providing 33 % space saving on return trips from OEM to tier one supplier.

Quality, packaging saving, and avoided waste:

Neither more Bubble pack, nor lids needed still the modules are perfectly protected and dust-free no quality issue was ever raised since implementation.

Thanks to its versatile modular structure, Magnum Optimum® provides fully customized and highly profitable solutions to automotive industry logistics.