China automotive industry


Shanghai Yanfeng Johnson Controls Seating Co., Ltd., (SYFJC) is a joint venture located in Shanghai, China, making seating components, overhead systems and sun visors for automobiles.

SYFJC’s customers include most of the major China automakers such as GM, Ford, DC, VW, Nissan, PSA and Hyundai. In addition to its Shanghai facility, SYFJC has four other locations in China. It is also part of Johnson Control Inc.’s vast Asia Pacific network that includes dozens of companies throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Initial situation customer products and objectives :

  • Component portfolio is of metal structures and mechanisms including all adjusters, latches, height adjusters, and a wide selection of manual and power recliners for seating in vehicles.

  • The components are pressed out at this facility and then formed / painted and packed to be sent to Yanfeng Johnson Controls Seat Manufacturing plants

  • The customer wanted Want leaner control in their Manufacturing facility, better handling of the components .

  • Improved quality and zero refused parts on arrival

  • Release current packaging that is on Rental

Current packaging solutions – Issues

Using a mixture of Wire Steel frames with PP Sheet Liners and FLC (FLC’s on Rental)

Both these units have large volume/capacity but due to nature of components produced, when fully loaded, they are exceeding the 500kg capacity therefore when filled to Max limited, there is still a lot of fresh air / wasted space within the FLC’s.

Schoeller Allibert solution - Benefits

  • Having tested a number of versions of 800x600 FLC, they chose the SA Magnum SH 835 HD.

  • Easy to handle / clean / good access doors for operator handling / easy to handle by one operator only .

  • They decided to purchase the containers to release the rented units.

  • They will be mainly used in house for W.I.P but will ,also be used to ship parts to other plants.

  • This new factory will be ‘’Flag-ship’’ for Yanfeng JCI where many OEM customers will visit the plant.

  • All Magnums SH 835 HD were printed and sequentially numbered.

  • SA conducted an operator training session so that all users were fully aware of the handling requirements and features of these units. This Schoeller Allibert training service offer does insure full approval by operators, easy and fast introduction of new packaging solutions in the manufacturing sites