EDEKA SUDWEST fish retail supply chain

EDEKA SUDWEST fish retail supply chain

Like many retail companies, EDEKA SUDWEST was using one-trip expanded polystyrene boxes from processing sites to regional distribution centers and stores for the distribution of fish. A Schoeller Allibert reusable stack nest fish container is now the only RTP used in their supply chain.

Old situation

EDEKA SUDWEST was using containers made out of polystyrene with a waterdrain to move fresh fish to the retailer. 


In order to switch to a returnable plastic solutions they needed to resolve following challenges:

  • The need of a water drain outside.

  • Ability to add a bar code.

  • Suitable for frozen products 

  • Reduced volume when shipped back

  • Adding a logo

  • Identification of the container

  • Environmental report

The Schoeller Allibert Solution = Bicolor stack/nest container

  • Returnable plastic container out of PP

  • water drain outside

  • QR code or Barcode 

  • 100% recyclable

  • existing system in Schoeller Allibert - ERP possible

  • Easy stacking direction thanks to bicolor

  • No more styrofoam residue on the fish

  • Long life service

  • Temperature resistant up till -30°C


EDEKA SUDWEST adopted to the fish box with drain holes. This solid bicolour Non-Euro Stack/Nest 180° with footprint 800x450 mm is specially designed to store fish. This large non-euro size container has an internal usable volume of 38L. Food-safe and able to load up to 25 kg and 250 kg when stacked. Reduce reverse logistics costs with its high nesting ratio of 71%. Ergonomical thanks to the 2 handles on the short side.