Bulk containers

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Intermediate Bulk Containers

Foldable IBC: for food, pharmaceutical and non-hazardous chemicals liquids and fluids handling and transport, our Foldable IBC provides 100% hygiene and safety.Thanks to its unique folding ratio, our IBC offers maximum cost savings on return trips and reduce the environmental impact compared to one way or rigid IBC alternative.

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Foldable large containers icon

Foldable Large containers

From lightweight to heavy duty, available in 3 standard footprints, our foldable large containers have been especially developed for long distances and a large number of return trips, maximising cost saving and lowering carbon footprint

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Rigid pallet container icon

Rigid Pallet Containers

Hygienic, strong and stable, our Big Box and Geobox ranges offer a robust storage and shipping sustainable packaging system. Our Rigid Pallet Containers are ideal for heavy-duty distribution applications and are automation-friendly. They improve space efficiency and optimise truckload.

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Plastic Pallets icon

Plastic Pallets

Schoeller Allibert offers a wide range of plastic pallets. Our pallets are available in 8 standard footprints and 5 different types to meet all logistics requirements: display, light, medium, heavy and clean room models. Durability, profitability, hygiene, safety are our pallet's main benefits.

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Rotomoulding: small and medium-sized series of hollow-bodied containers, in simple or complex shapes, high mechanical resistance and cost-effectiveness

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Bulk Accessories

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Handheld containers

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Stackable Containers

Stackable containers are suitable for a variety of industries and offer efficient handling, storage and transport. Thanks to many different footprints, heights and variants in bases and walls they meet all kinds industries needs. Small, versatile and easy to handle, they are the perfect solution for automated handling systems.

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Stack/Nestable Containers icon

Stack / Nestable Containers

Stack/Nest containers securely stack when loaded and nest when empty to save valuable space on return transport. Ranges include award-winning Maxinest produce trays, tamper-evident Integra & Kaiman ALCs (Attached Lid Containers) and bicolour 180º's for easy visual identification of stack/nest position.

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Nestable containers icon

Nestable Crates

Discover our Schoeller Allibert nestable crates! With capacities ranging from 15 to 50+ litres, these crates are designed to maximize storage, transport, and retail space efficiency while ensuring superior product protection. Trust us for reliable, versatile packaging solutions.

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Foldable Small Containers icon

Foldable small containers

Our versatile Foldable Small Containers (FSCs) are used in a wide range of industries and applications. From food retail supply chain to automotive parts distribution. Standard in their footprints and providing space saving up to 85%, FSC's are the most profitable and environment friendly reusable logistics packaging.

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Beverage icon

Beverage Crates

Whether for beer, mineral and healing water, soft drinks, fruit juice or mixed drinks, we certainly have the right beverage solution for your brand. And if you have any special requests, we will help you to develop them. Your sales and marketing will benefit from this. In fact, thanks to a good packaging solution, with our design and system expertise, you will be able to stand out in your market.

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Dollies icon


Our dollies facilitate safe and easy moves of crate stacks. Standard or specific footprints, their decks design allow most plastic containers and cardboard boxes to be held stable. Wheels are available in different materials to meet end users requirements. Linkable models are perfect for retail and order preparation applications.

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Pails icon


The comprehensive range of Schoeller Allibert's ROPAC pails are suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquid goods, for all types of transport.

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