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Image Of 8397500 - 48x48" AgriMax 1219x1219x724 - 2R

8397500 - 48x48" AgriMax 1219x1219x724 - 2R

The AgriMax is the ideal harvest and Storage Bin for the U.S. Market. Our AgriMax can be used for any number of vegetables and fruits, including but not limited to citrus fruits, stone fruits, apples, pears etc. The AgriMax has superior venting while maintaining product weight and strength. These vents allow for better airflow to keep the produce fresh for longer (and provide) better control over produce temperature. Also, these enable the AgriMax to drain faster. The rounded edges help minimize product damage. Options are available to accommodate GPS tracking, barcoding, branding and more.

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  • Easy customisation
  • Warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Angled fork opening for safe handling
  • Angled ventilation section
  • Impact zone
  • Easy identification

Product specifications

Product reference8397500
External max length (L)1219 mm
External max width (W)1219 mm
External max height (H)723.9 mm
Net weight (Kg)39.5 kg
Operational temperature range-18 °C - 40 °C
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