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8279130 - SA BaYoPal 1200x1000x165 - 3R

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The 1200x1000 BaYoPal® pallet is ideal for both internal and external logistics. Designed for use in harsh environments, the reinforced corner structure and perforated top deck with a rib-web structure provides maximum rigidity without the need for metal reinforcement. 

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  • Easy repairs - Bayonet technology
  • Suitable for heavy duty usage
  • Rackable design
  • Sustainable choice
  • 4-way FTL entry
  • Compatible with H3 pallet
  • Easy to repair
  • 100% plastics
  • Different runner configurations available
  • Automation friendly
  • Optimized airflow in cooling chambers
  • Warranty
  • Fully recyclable
  • Improved drainage - water can get out through the runners

Product specifications

Product reference8279130
External max length (L)1200 mm
External max width (W)1000 mm
External max height (H)165 mm
Net weight (Kg)23.1 kg
Operational temperature range-20 °C - 40 °C
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