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Image Of 4249013 -  Beverage crate 24x33cl

4249013 - Beverage crate 24x33cl

Schoeller Allibert's Soft Drink Crates stand out from the crowd. If you want your products to stand out from the crowd, a well-designed Crate is a business tool you simply can’t afford to ignore. It lends vital support to your marketing and branding efforts and it improves your business at every link in the value chain:

  • A unique appearance differentiates your soft drink from your competitors
  • A distinctive design adds impact to the retailer´s shelves
  • A special colour or shape helps consumers identify their favourite products for purchase

With ergonomic features that make them easy and comfortable to carry home, good soft drink crates also improve the user experience and thereby help generate brand loyalty. And let´s not forget, bottles cannot travel loose. They need to be organised systematically into crates and carriers which protect them from breakages, make stacking possible, and facilitate all sorts of logistics and transport steps – from conveyor belt transfers to casual placement in the boot of the customer´s car.


The basic members of crate families are the 20 x 0.5 L, 24 x 0.33 L and 24 x 0.25L crates. Additionally, there are the small packaging units of 11 x 0.5 L and 12 x 0.33 L. Smaller crates are especially suitable for those markets where a is recently launched. Until the consumers become confident and like the product, they tend to purchase smaller quantities. By contrast, established markets can confidentially carry the larger crates. Consumption habits also vary between age groups, household size and countries.

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  • High carrying comfort
  • High quality
  • Corner protection - protects crate when used on conveyor belts

Product specifications

Product reference4249013
External max length (L)400 mm
External max width (W)300 mm
External max height (H)270 mm
Net weight (Kg)2.1 kg
Operational temperature range-20 °C - 40 °C
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