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Image Of 2549480 - Magnum Optimum 1200x1000x975 - 4R 2DD

2549480 - Magnum Optimum 1200x1000x975 - 4R 2DD

Magnum Optimum® 1210: The best reusable folding large container for industrial logistics

The Magnum Optimum® is the strongest FLC on the market.  It is extremely robust, lightweight with a very large volume thanks to the welded double wall design. The basis of this large load carrier (GLT) is the pallet base on which the module system of the Magnum Optimum is based. The Magnum Optimum® is suitable for almost any market segment in the industry. All quality standards of the European guidelines for large load carriers are met by the Magnum Optimum®. Available in 3 base options: 2 feet, 3 skid and 8 feet version

The Magnum Optimum® optimizes your transport routes, saves costs and protects the environment through lower CO2 emissions. Due to the lower weight thanks to the welded and ribbed construction, you can load more goods and your trucks have to drive less often. The non sequential folding and easy to use locking devices allow only one operator to erect and fold the Magnum Optimum®, saving you labor and handling time.

With the highest folding ratio on the market, Magnum Optimum® stacks up to 8 in a standard truck and 10 high in a mega truck. When folded, the Magnum Optimum® offers you up to 30% space saving compared to all competing FLC's. Reducing reverse logistics costs and carbon footpint.

The Magnum Optimum® is compatible with automated handling thanks to its base structure. The sturdy PP plastic makes the container very durable. Easy to clean thanks to the the smooth inner and outer surfaces. 

The Magnum Optimum® is versatile and durable.

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  • Easy to handle
  • Foldable design
  • Easy to clean - smooth design
  • Drop doors - easy access
  • Easy customisation
  • Available in multiple heights
  • 100% plastic - no corrosion
  • Easy to repair - bayonet system
  • OptiFrame allows flexibe upscaling with 105mm per unit
  • Easy to fold - hinge system
  • ID plates - customisation & handling guide
  • Label holders available
  • Secured loads - strap locations on base
  • Easy to handle
  • Non sequential folding - able to fold in 5 seconds
  • Foldable design - reduced reverse logistics costs
  • SmartLink ready
  • Warranty
  • Fully recyclable

Product specifications

Product reference2549480
External max length (L)1200 mm
External max width (W)1000 mm
External max height (H)975 mm
Net weight (Kg)52 kg
Operational temperature range-20 °C - 40 °C
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