Foldable Small Containers

Customized solutions

The enormous scale of our product range ensures that customers usually find the right solution to meet their needs. However, we are more than happy to discuss any special developments and product applications with you. We have developed many customised solutions for well-known pool organisations.

Ideal for small components

Small folding plastic containers are stable and lightweight. These boxes are compatible with most Euro containers. They are particularly popular in the automotive industry, as they are ideal for storing a large number of small components and offer up to 84% space saving on return transport and empties storage.

The Prelog an Ortus ranges are also suitable for fruit and vegetables. Schoeller Allibert supplies a complete range of foldable crates to the grocery trade, as well as other applications.

Saving space when folded

The small plastic containers are compatible with other returnable packaging systems and provide excellent space savings. When folded, they can save up to 84% space. This makes the containers extremely cost-effective in return transport and storage, and in warehouses during periods of inactivity.

Easy handling

Foldable plastic containers are easy to manoeuvre in narrow spaces using a wide range of handling equipment. They are available with a series of supplementary items, such as ventilation and branding. Different colors enable quick part type identification, if required.

Environment-friendly packaging

Suitable for a large number of return trips, our containers are cheap to maintain, and just as damage-resistant as a typical rigid container. Environment-friendly packaging makes small plastic containers the ideal solution to save money and increase supply-chain efficiency.