Why Schoeller Allibert is your (not so) Secret Santa

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? It may be cold and dark outside, but inside it’s warm and cozy. If the days around Christmas and New Year’s are such a delight, it’s because of our family and friends, and the delicious food and amazing gifts we share with them. But the best season of the year has a special ingredient. One you’ve probably never even thought of. Your Secret Santa is… Schoeller Allibert! We provide the solutions that deliver all the consumer needs for a truly festive season. And we have the track-and-trace technology that puts retailers’ minds at ease. They deserve some holiday cheer too!

Schoeller Allibert is a world leader in packaging solutions. We have decades of experience in delivering what the logistics industry needs. Schoeller Allibert’s returnable transit packaging is not just versatile and reliable, but also reusable and recyclable. Think up any scenario of retail product that has to get from A to B, and we probably have a solution – and not just any solution, but the one that’s market-leading, trend-setting and best-in-class. Take, for instance, all that delicious food on your Christmas dinner table. 

That’s a delicious-looking turkey! How did it get to the shop? If it was lucky: in a JumboNest®RPC. 

  • Our JumboNest® is the largest stackable and nestable rigid pallet container (RPC) on the market, saving up to 250% of space when empty!

  • Thanks to its monobloc design, smooth walls and drainage holes, it’s very hygienic and easy to clean.

  • It’s made of specialty, food-grade HDPE material, which means it will perform optimally in chilled conditions.

  • And it’s strong: it can handle up to 600 kg of meat.

  • JumboNest® can be tracked and traced using SmartLink®. But more of that later

You’ve outdone yourself with all those yummy sauces, condiments and gravy. Their ideal vehicle: our Combo Excelsior Hybrid®

  • The Combo Excelsior Hybrid® has a double wall with a T-shaped locking system. That means it’s both strong and safe.

  • With an improved bottom discharge zone, it provides liner and valve setup and removal at greater speed.

  • There’s a dust cover on the discharge zone, for better hygiene when empty or during handling, making it ideal for use in the food processing industry.

  • Finally: all parts are replaceable – maximizing lifespan. 

And how did those pumpkins, onions and potatoes get to market? If they got their wish: in our MaxiPac!

  • MaxiPac is ideal for fruits and vegetables, including seasonal products (pumpkins!) or fast-moving bulk products (potatoes, onions!)

  • It’s available in two versions: pallet-based, and wheeled. This second option enables easy maneuvering in stores.

No festive table is complete without a bottle (or more) of fancy champagne. You guessed it: we have the ideal pallet/container combo to bring it to you.

The same goes for the wines on your table. Our Tellus range serves both farmer and consumer. 

  • Our Tellus range of stack- and nestable containers is popular with wine producers to collect their grapes.

  • The Tellus range is versatile, and can be used for both internal and external transportation. They can be securely stacked when loaded, and easily nested when returning or in storage.

  • The range has ergonomic handles, making it easy to, well, handle!

  • Smooth surfaces means easy to clean, and ideal for handling food.

  • Available in different footprints and heights. Ideal for both distribution and conveyors.

We’re pleased to “meat” you. Our MaxiMeat is just the ticket!

  • We developed the MaxiMeat together with a major meat processor and their main retail customer. Which means it’s extremely fit for purpose.

  • That’s why the MaxiMeat 800x600 stack nest tray is now the preferred solution for French retailers, and is offered by top pooling companies.

  • When it comes to delivering raw or vacuum-packed meat cuts to stores, it’s the efficient, lightweight and cost-saving alternative to roll cages.

And we don’t discriminate between turf and surf. We have the industry’s best fish crates.

  • Our 180° stack- and nestable fish crates are specially designed to transport and store freshly caught fish.

  • These large non-euro-size containers have a large internal usable volume.

  • This stack-and nestable fish crate range is food-safe and strong.

  • Its high nesting ratio helps to reduce reverse logistics costs.

Did you want bread with that? We have a variety of stackable – and even stack- and nestable – containers for all types of bread. 

  • Our bakery crates are highly ventilated. This provides optimal cooling and avoids condensation – which keeps your baked goods fresh and in optimal condition for longer!

  • The crates have smooth walls, so no crumbs and bits can collect in corners. In other words: maximum hygiene!

It doesn’t end with food. We have a wide range of FLCs and pallets that get your Christmas ornaments and other festive decorations to the shop. Let’s just name two. 

  • The Magnum Optimum® 1208 

    is one of our range of foldable large containers (FLCs) that help make the whole logistics process as smooth and sustainable as possible, thanks to its foldable design.

  • The BaYoPal® is just one of our pallets that makes it easy to move cardboard boxes (filled with festive goodness) from A to B. 

Customer is king, and in our mind, that’s not just end consumers, but also retailers. We offer them a unique track-and-trace service: SmartLink®.

The end of year holidays are the busiest time of year for retailers. Potentially the most lucrative, and certainly the most stressful! Schoeller Allibert wants to help them to make it more lucrative, and less stressful. How? With SmartLink®

  • SmartLink® is our in-house track-and-trace technology. It makes your logistical assets ‘intelligent’: a natively integrated device will register your every move. That will reassure you shipment X is on schedule to reach you. Or it will allow you to take the right action if shipment Y isn’t.

  • SmartLink® is truly smart. It uses a variety of networks to get its status updates to you. And it does more than merely report location. It also provides insights into temperature, fill level, battery level, geo-fencing and the asset’s availability status. All very useful, especially in food logistics.

  • All SmartLink® data can be accessed on Schoeller Allibert’s very own SmartLink® platform. We might be the end consumer’s Secret Santa, but if you’re in the logistics business, we like to tell you exactly how we can help you!

For more information, contact info@schoellerallibert.com