Universal dolly 800X600 footprint has a Strong solid deck can carry up to 500 kg.

Universal dolly 800X600 footprint has a Strong solid deck can carry up to 500 kg, the unique pop up feature enables safe secure hold of different sizes boxes. Flipper arm providing extra space for nested Attached lid containers make Universal dolly the most versatile support for all kind of retail and industrial supply chain applications.

Our compact Universal Dolly helps many leading retailers, food processors and industrial manufacturers to ease and speed handling operations throughout their supply chain. With a small footprint of just 800 x 600mm, the Universal Dolly is ideal for any application where speed is essential and space is at a premium.

Universal Dollies are frequently used in retail, not only to efficiently transport produce from the distribution center to the store but also for point of sale, where they are used as a merchandising base for trays. Using the dolly, loaded with produce crates, from distribution center to point of sale eliminates double handling - enabling retailers to move products from distribution to merchandise very quickly and efficiently, saving time, cost and space.

The Universal Dolly is also a popular choice for manufacturers, where its compact size makes it an ideal platform for JIT deliveries and in-house handling operations.

Manufactured from polypropylene, the robust Universal Dolly safely handles loads of up to 500kg. Each dolly is equipped with 14 spring-loaded pop-ups, which safely retain trays and containers with a variety of base sizes. It is compatible with Schoeller Allibert Euro stacking trays, Attached Lid Containers (ALCs), Maxinest produce crates and a wide range of 180° stack-nest containers.

The Universal Dolly has four swivel braked castors, clover leaf recesses to stack safely when empty, a clip on handle, a unique flip-out extension for carrying nested ALCs and clearance for fork-lifting on or off delivery vehicles.