One Ton of old crates = one new tree

As a signal towards the industry, our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders, we are making a solid statement: Schoeller Allibert is not only improving the sustainability through our products, but we also support and engage in projects that aim at protecting and restoring marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

The transition to a circular economy is central to our sustainability mission. For this reason, we encourage our customers to sell us their old crates, once they have completed their current life cycle. We then recycle the crates and make new, strong crates out of them. Like this, we are closing the material loop and contribute to the circular economy.

To further stimulate the selling back of old crates, Schoeller Allibert will now plant a tree for each ton of old crates we buy from a customer! Not only is this making our world greener, but it also helps to mitigate climate change!

5,200 trees as a starting point

We started planting 5,200 trees on the 31st of October and of course this is just a starting point. Did you know that 5,200 trees are equal to 5.4 hectares of forest and 857.96 tons of CO2?

Discover our forest: Schoeller Allibert Services B.V.’s forest impact | Tree-Nation - Forest’s impact

Schoeller Allibert Buy Back program

How does it work?

Schoeller Allibert is creating a circular closed loop by allowing its customers to sell their reusable plastic boxes or containers back at the end of their lives. These containers are then cleaned, ground, washed, and dried. After this last step, they are ready to be remoulded and re-used as “high quality regrinds”, which are used to create other circular products to serve customers again. Schoeller Allibert is offering all recycling services necessary, even on food contact plastic articles according to the new food contact plastic regulation for our recycling process installed in different locations across Europe.

We are confident that recyclability will set the standard, but also feel the responsibility to support and endorse this change. Every action and every tree counts when it comes to saving our planet.

Why Buy Back old crates?

The use of recycled materials is one of our top priorities. Schoeller Allibert will contribute and participate in the promotion and development of the use of recycled plastics towards sustainability and circular economy principles.

Are we only planting one tree?

“One tree” is the name we are giving this project, while “one tree extra” will provide extra oxygen and will help to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere

Are we doing this alone? No, to plant trees all around the world we work together with Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation is a platform, which was created to reforest the world and fight climate change. The mission of Tree-Nation states that it wants to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050. Planting trees has been proven to be one of the most efficient solutions to fight Climate Change. Schoeller Allibert will support this project and will plant Schoeller Allibert Forest worldwide. In 2022 we will plant more than 5000 trees in different projects across the world.