Watch our CheeseSchoeller Allibert's unique cheese maturation offering. Safe, efficient, cost-effective and automation-friendly packaging system.

Up to 650 kg of cheese can be turned in complete safety at once thanks to the stacking pillars that provide both stability when stacking pallets and unique stacking load performance.

One common floor space for the standard 750 x 500 range, 4 heights and 5 different configurations of the internal piers and structures to meet the size and needs of all types of cheese, from balls to bars.

Greatly reduced maturation and handling costs

Thanks to full automation and fast handling. Up to 650 kg of cheese can be turned in one go.

Optimal use of the capacity of the cooling chambers

Stack up to 1900 kg of cheese per square meter from 2 full pallets on one. The special pallets developed for the 750 x 500 footprint crates enable complete safety when palletizing up to 6 meters high.

Special attention to cheese and automation

Unique bottom design: cheese-friendly rounded ribs are flush in and out of the bottom allowing the boxes to be turned upside down without damage and with no difference in surface markings. Highly ventilated walls and bottom provide excellent airflow for a perfect ripening process. The boxes work silently and seamlessly on all types of transport systems.

Lightweight, strong and safe

Lighter than alternative materials such as stainless steel and wood, our 100% food contact guaranteed neutral material does not promote mold or kill beneficial bacteria. Strong: depending on the crate model, the unit load can vary from 15 to 35 kg, with long-term storage with almost no bottom deflection. Maintenance-free and easy to clean: All surfaces are rounded and beveled, which speeds up the cleaning process and does not trap dirt and water. The crates remain safe throughout their lifespan.

Unique structure and design

Internal pillars are placed for each type and size of cheese: separation of cheeses for maximum quality retention, the crates are also fully compatible with automated miniload individual storage systems.

Our new Moliterno crate and cheese maturation solutions brochure: Download our brochure HERE