Introducing the SASI® range | Silent, automation totes designed for the on-demand economy


Introducing the SASI® range

Silent, automation totes designed for the on-demand economy

Exclusively by Schoeller Allibert

Designed by Europe’s leading logistics innovators, the SASI® family of totes is the latest in sustainable load carriers. With its specially designed wide double base, the SASI® range actively cuts noise. Tried and tested worldwide, the SASI® range is the ultimate choice for automated warehouse systems. Flexible, adaptable and robust, SASI® bins can be tailored precisely to your needs making it the number one choice for all industries, including: retail, e-commerce, industrial manufacturing, automotive, chemical and pharma, agriculture, food and beverage.

Revealing the SASI® range, Ludo Gielen, CEO of Schoeller Allibert says:

“The SASI® range showcases our commitment to bridging the gap between the demands of global logistics and the need for sustainability. As innovators, Schoeller Allibert is determined to lead the way in circular supply chain solutions, ensuring commercial efficiency while safeguarding the future of our planet.”

One range, countless possibilities

Moulded from resilient recycled plastic, with an innovative noise-reducing double base, SASI® totes are designed to significantly cut warehouse noise.

Able to withstand temperature extremes from -10°c to 50°c, a load capacity of 35kg, SASI® crates are strong, versatile and can be made your way. Choose from two footprints, three heights, solid or ventilated walls. Optional drainage holes are designed for the easy removal of water and meet fire safety requirements in line with global FM regulations.

Optional dividers with or without barcode zones enable SASI® containers to be configured even further into eight different compartments – maximising space while delivering cost efficiencies.

Plus, integrated pick up points and rounded corners ensure seamless manoeuvrability on conveyors for automation. Handles can be left closed or opened along with SASI® comfort assured handgrips enabling flexibility for manual pick-up.

Designed in Europe, created for global logistics

Tailored to meet the growing demands of global supply chains and automated handing systems in picking and commissioning warehouses as well as micro fulfilment centres. The SASI® range is suitable for all types of conveyor belts, mini load, shuttle and multi-shuttle systems – making this the definitive choice for logistics leaders.

As part of the Schoeller Allibert family, SASI® is one of a number of sustainable end-to-end solutions designed to optimise logistics processes. Fully customisable and 100% recyclable, SASI® technical details include:

SASI® bin

  • External measurements: 600mm x 400mm x 320mm/400mm

  • Internal measurements: 560mm x 360mm x 283mm/361mm

  • Stacked height: 302mm/382mm

  • Unit load: 35kg

  • Temperature range: -10°c to 50°c

  • Compatible with optional dividers

SASI® tray

  • External measurements: 650mm x 450mm x 120mm/320mm/400mm

  • Internal measurements: 617mm x 417mm/415mm x82mm/283mm/362mm

  • Stacked height: 102mm/302mm

  • Unit load: 35kg

  • Temperature range: -10°c to 50°c

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