Introducing SASI 4.0 - Your automation partner


Introducing the improved SASI® 4.0 range, your automation partner

To make digitized technologies even simpler for warehouse automation specialists to integrate, returnable transit packaging manufacturer Schoeller Allibert has developed a high-performance SASI® 4.0 range. The new range of totes is one of the strongest and lightest designs currently on the market.

Revealing the SASI® 4.0 range, Jan De Witte, CSO of Schoeller Allibert says: “While distribution centres are becoming increasingly automated and digitized, we evaluated our existing SASI® range and decided to take the design to the next level, SASI® 4.0. Again, Schoeller Allibert ensures a circular supply chain solution, helping to safeguard the future of our planet by using recycled material to make totes that are 100% recyclable at the end of their long service life.”

From raw materials to distribution, the supply chain is the beating heart of the business. For competitive brands, a successful supply chain begins with forward-thinking warehouse design and the system integrators that make it happen.

The driving force is Industry 4.0 technology, which embraces hyper-connectivity, efficiency, and transparency. When it comes to creating the warehouse facility of the future, businesses across sectors such as e-commerce, 3PL, grocery and retail all stand to benefit from digital automation. Industry 4.0 impacts not only system integrators but every aspect of every market segment.

For brands, the advantages of a more digitized and automated warehouse are numerous, including:

  • Fewer physical human interactions

  • Enhanced operational speed

  • Superior precision through logistics

  • Greater levels of automated storage

  • Robotized order picking

One range, various customisation options

Moulded from resilient recycled plastic (depending on availability), with an innovative noise-reducing welded double base, SASI® 4.0 totes significantly cut warehouse noise. Thanks to added sound skirts on the outside of the welded base plate, the impact and therefore the sound level is reduced. The full lower bumper and wrap around corner bumpers optimize guiding on conveyor belts. Additionally, the large flat area creates more base stability and ensures a smooth roller transfer.

Choose from two footprints (600x400 and 650x450) with various customisation options such as open handles, perforated walls and additional horizontal bumper ribbing on request. In mould label positioning is also flexible thanks to three possible locations on each of the long and short sides of the totes. More information can be provided on request.

Main features and benefits

Drainage holes are designed to easily remove water and meet fire safety requirements in line with global FM regulations. To reduce the risk of contamination in the system and onto goods stored below, a leakage reservoir has also been added.

Handles can be left either closed or open and together with SASI® 4.0 comfort assured handgrips provide flexibility for manual handling. In addition, integrated vertical lifting pockets allow palletizing and lifting from the top into stable loads.

SASI® 4.0 totes can be divided into up to eight separate compartments (dividers are available on-demand) which helps to maximise space, make handling easier and deliver cost efficiencies. The flexible divider system has been improved, and now feature longer, narrower grooves which deliver better stability and make handling easier.

Designed in Europe, created for global automation logistics

The new SASI® 4.0 range is compatible with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems and modern shuttle systems. It is also suitable for all types of conveyor belts, mini load, shuttle and multi-shuttle systems, making this the definitive choice for logistics leaders.

As part of the Schoeller Allibert family, SASI® 4.0 is one of several sustainable end-to-end solutions designed to optimise logistics processes. The technical details of the fully customisable and 100% recyclable, SASI® 4.0 can be found in the product leaflet.

Create an, even more, sustainable logistics flow in your warehouse

At Schoeller Allibert we not only manufacture plastic boxes for the automation process, but we also offer stackable and nestable system integration trays. We also offer custom-designed trays, containers, boxes, etc. to meet specific customer requirements.

Do you need a solution to make your internal logistics flow more sustainable? Our foldable large containers like the Magnum Optimum® 1208 should be your go-to container. This container can be used for internal transport from the warehouse to the retail store for example and is not only ergonomic but also makes sure your return transport is optimized thanks to its high foldability rate.

For a video introduction to the SASI® 4.0 range: