Boost your summer sales – choose Schoeller Allibert!

No such thing as a quiet summer in the retail industry. July and August is when most European countries have their annual summer sale period: to clear stock and attract customers – both online and offline. This is where Schoeller Allibert comes in. As pioneers and experts in packaging for non-food retail, we have the product range to optimise processes (and profits) along the entire supply chain: from automated warehouse to point of sale, and even at-home delivery. So, if you’re anywhere along that chain: boost your results this summer by choosing Schoeller Allibert!

Schoeller Allibert has been the leading supplier of Reusable Transit Packaging (RTP) for the retail sector since 1976. We have pioneered a few innovations that are now pretty standard throughout the industry.

  • Such as the award-winning Maxinest® (and Maxinest® Plus) containers for suitable for both food and non-food retail. With their high nesting ratio, they’re an efficient replacement for one-way retail transport packaging. Additionally, the Maxinest® Plus features a conveyor base that facilitates automated handling.

  • We were also the first to offer ‘drive-through retail’ packaging solutions. These are expressly (and expertly) designed to speed up order preparation, picking, and delivery to locations convenient for consumers.

Efficiencies and cost-savings

Those are just two examples from the vast range of packaging products and services Schoeller Allibert has on offer to help the retail supply chain:

  • reduce cost;

  • increase the speed of picking, handling and in-store replenishment; and

  • prevent against theft and protect against damage.


With our decades’ worth of experience working with players all along the retail supply chain – from retailers over system integrators to warehousing and logistics operators – we know that well-designed packaging brings significant efficiencies and cost-savings. In today’s challenging retail environment, our RTP solutions can make the difference between merely surviving and positively thriving.


Foldable and nestable

Because our plastic RTP solutions are designed to generate multiple benefits for the complex omnichannel retail supply chain:

  • they are returnable, reusable and recyclable;

  • they are designed with sustainability in mind: offering maximum protection, requiring minimum extra packaging – and saving space (and carbon emissions) by being foldable or nestable;

  • they are designed (or can be customised) to handle specific product types: from grocery to clothing, from electric goods to DIY and homeware; and

  • they are retail-ready: not just for storage, also for distribution, display and delivery.

Schoeller Allibert’s innovative RTP solutions are optimised for all stages of the supply chain process, including the final one, be it in-store display, click-and-collect services, or home delivery. So, whether you operate in ‘classic’ retail or booming e-commerce, Schoeller Allibert is the right choice if you want to optimise your processes and maximise your profits.

Our RTP product range for the retail supply chain includes both handheld solutions such as dollies, nestable containers, stackable containers and foldable container and bulk solutions such as foldable containers and pallet collars – all designed to minimize damage, reduce waste, and facilitate handling (whether manual or automatic). Many also include features to enhance safety and security, such as tamper-evident seals and RFID technology.

Efficiency and transparency

So, how do our products increase the efficiency and transparency of your processes, while safeguarding the quality of your products and boosting the profitability of your operations? Let’s have a look at some specific products.

For automated warehouses:

  • our SASI® series offers bins developed for use in automated warehousing. We aim to be the ideal partner for our customers, delivering bins to their precise specifications. (Psst, did you know that this bin is used behind the scenes, to make sure your right order is picked in the automated warehouse!)

  • our Magnum Optimum® 1208 offers more internal volume and is lighter than most other Foldable Large Containers (FLCs) on the market. Which means it’s optimised for handling and storage space. When orders are ready, the Magnum Optimum® gets loaded and shipped out. Futhermore, Magnum Optimum® is designed to save space by optimizing return transport, thanks to its foldable design.

  • when the order is picked in the warehouse, our RackPal® can be used to store all filled totes on the pallet for an easy and efficient truck loading. Secure the totes with one of our pallet covers, it removes the need of using shrinkwrap or other one-way plastics!

For points of sale:

  • our Prelog CMB series is the ideal solution for clothes, accessories, perfumes, and other high-value non-food retail products. A tamper-evident security seal protects against theft. Designed to be automation- and conveyor-friendly. Has a high folding ratio, for your economical (and ecological) benefit.

  • our Kaiman® series are rigid, nestable containers with integrated hinges that open on two sides. Also fitted with security seals, and with transparent label holders, to facilitate delivery.

  • we have several FLCs, including the Magnum Smooth Wall HD, the Maxipac Bulk Display (both 800x600) and the Magnum Hélium (1200x800). The first is suitable for heavy-duty applications (for example for DIY stores), the other two for lightweight applications, both in transport and in-store. All three series are perfect for frequent, long-distance return trips – maximizing savings and minimizing carbon footprint.

  • add pallet collars to a pallet, and you get a versatile and flexible robust bulk container in just seconds that can be used for all kinds of irregularly shaped or sized products. They fold flat, thus saving space on the return journey.

  • when speed is essential and space is limited, our Universal dolly (800x600) comes into its own. Its pop-ups on the deck allow you to safely and securely transport any type of Euro size containers, even over bumpy terrain.

  • our Display pallets are ideal for transporting smaller quantities, and for in-store displays – for example, temporary promotional sales at the end of an aisle. All pallets are nestable. This is a good example of what we call ‘retail-ready packaging’

Logo and corporate colours

Could we go on? Yes. We already mentioned that Schoeller Allibert RTP solutions are designed to serve both the traditional retail industry and the emerging e-commerce sector. Specifically, that includes our wide range of crates that are compatible with the processes that take place in automated warehouses, including conveyor belts, scanning equipment, and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).

We didn’t yet mention that one of the services we offer to our customers, is the customization of their RTPs: Schoeller Allibert can deliver them printed with the owner’s logo, and/or produced in the corporate colours, turning the packaging itself into a marketing tool.

And there are other things we can do for you – made to fit with what you need and want. For consumers, summer may be a special time to go deal-hunting, but for Schoeller Allibert, our quest to deliver a better solution to our customers never ends.