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Image Of 8357000 - Tankgo 3000L 2385x1570x1870

8357000 - Tankgo 3000L 2385x1570x1870

This 3000L TankGo® can be intensively re-used throughout its service life in line with the current UN certification for the transportation of hazardous materials. TankGo® 3000 is 100% plastic, ensuring that it is maintenance and oxidation free. With no need for maintenance or repairs, TankGo® IBCs offer peace of mind and are guaranteed for the transport of chemical products, regardless of the number of rotations over many years. TankGo® 3000 is practical, safe and easy to use. Its 4 sturdy pivots offer safe handling and stacking when empty. The filling level of the TankGo® 3000 can easily be measured using the engraved volume scale on the front of the tank. UN, ADR, RID, IMDG certified. 

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  • Easy customisation
  • Easy to clean
  • IoT & RFID ready
  • UN certified
  • 100% Plastic - No corrosion
  • Intensively reusable
  • Safe transport

Product specifications

Product reference8357000
External max length (L)2385 mm
External max width (W)1570 mm
External max height (H)1870 mm
Net weight (Kg)340 kg
Operational temperature range-30 °C - 30 °C
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