Traditional product packaging is heavy and bulky, involves a lot of plastic, and is strictly single-use. That is not acceptable anymore, most obviously for environmental reasons.

Thanks to Schoeller Allibert’s packaging products, the era of heavy lifting is over. But that’s not the only reason to choose our solutions. We’re world leaders in reusability, helping you cut down on waste and hit your sustainability targets. And we’re pioneers in efficiency, revolutionising the way products move, from store shelf all the way to the customer’s doorstep. A solution that’s lightweight, durable and game-changing? That’s a triple win!

Traditional product packaging is heavy and bulky, involves a lot of plastic, and is strictly single-use. Neither of those things is acceptable anymore – most obviously for environmental reasons: just think of the astonishing volumes of waste logistics processes can generate. However, one-way packaging also puts a strain on your operations, as you must store and dispose of it in the most responsible way.

That’s why Schoeller Allibert has completely re-imagined product packaging. The main driver was our commitment to sustainability. By replacing single-use packaging with durable and reusable containers, we actively help reduce plastic pollution, promote a circular model for the economy, and contribute to a cleaner environment. As a bonus: sustainability is what consumers increasingly demand, so this creates an extra selling point for your product.

Want to delve deeper into Schoeller Allibert’s commitment to sustainability? Read our latest Sustainability Report.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Schoeller Allibert’s new product packaging paradigm offers advantages beyond sustainability. A key benefit is the range’s versatility along the entire supply chain. From factory floor via distribution centre to retail store, and onward to the customer’s car trunk or doorstep: our packaging solutions adapt to each stage of the product journey. This adaptability ensures efficient transport, reducing the need for excessive packaging and minimising the carbon footprint of that journey. But of course, more efficiency also translates into savings in time and money. And that benefits the bottom line.

Another plus: ergonomics. Traditional packaging is often heavy and bulky, in other words: challenging to load, unload and move around. Schoeller Allibert’s packaging solutions are designed to be easy to handle and transport – whether by retailers or end consumers. Innovative design features include lightweight materials, comfortable handles, and stackable shapes. Our containers take the heavy lifting out of logistics and help streamline and simplify the entire supply chain.

How can our packaging solutions make your operations more sustainable and efficient? We’ll let our products speak for themselves.

Food and grocery retail: Maxinest

With its high nesting ratio, the Maxinest is designed to replace one-way transport packaging for food and grocery retail. This award-winning, industry-leading packaging product has multiple height options so the same unit can be used for different applications. The Maxinest Plus series has a conveyor base, so it integrates perfectly with automated handling. Print areas on both long sides allow Maxinest to be customised. Textured surfaces make it easy to apply and remove self-adhesive labels.

For streamlining grocery deliveries: Maxinest Deep

Designed for durability and stackability, the Maxinest Deep containers for grocery deliveries help to streamline the shopping experience for customers by facilitating a quick transfer of products from store to car. A French retailer uses the dolly system to interlink the containers, expediting curbside deliveries. The result: for the retailer, greater operational efficiency, and for the consumer, increased convenience.

For food and grocery e-commerce: Maxinest eTail

Key component of the Maxinest range, eTail is tailored for food and grocery e-commerce. It’s a reusable, durable alternative for single-use transport packaging for storing and moving various grocery items. A high nesting ratio maximises storage and return logistics efficiency. Dual-height handgrips facilitate manual transport. Optional dividers create storage versatility and security. The Maxinest eTail is an eco-friendly, efficient solution benefiting both retailers and customers.

For fulfilment processes: linkable dollies

Our linkable dollies are engineered for efficient supply chain operations, from order picking to delivery. They can be linked to form ‘trains’ to quickly move stacks of trays, saving time in fulfilment processes. We have a braked version tailored for increased loading security during transporting.

For busy work environments: universal dolly and handle

Measuring 800x600 mm and equipped with a closed deck and able to support loads of 500 kg, the universal dolly is a robust, space-efficient solution for busy work environments. Fourteen pop-up mechanisms on the deck can secure up to two stacks of 600x400 containers, also on uneven terrain. A convenient handle enhances manoeuvrability and control. The flipper design on the dolly accommodates the Kaiman® containers when empty. A testament to functional design, the dolly combines strength, capacity and, and ease of use.

For efficient handling: universal pallet

Crafted from 100% plastic, combining lightweight design and versatile ergonomics and featuring a fully universal top deck, the 800x600 universal medium pallet is a prime choice for efficient materials handling. Flexible spring-loaded pop-up rims ensure secure load stacking, enhancing stability and safety. Ease of cleaning means it is eminently suited for applications where hygiene is crucial. This pallet is ideal for who seeks a durable, adaptable, and easy-to-maintain solution in their operations.

For use in retail: Kaiman

Durable and practical: those are the standout qualities of the Kaiman® series of rigid, nestable containers, used in the retail industry. They come with an integrated, hinged lid that opens on both sides for efficient loading and unloading. The hinge design ensures secure closure, and is also a tamper-evidence feature. For added security, seals can be added. Each container has label holders on the shorter sides, ribbed to ensure both easy application and removal of labels. Nesting when empty saves space in storage and return logistics.

For storing, transporting and displaying vegetables: Maxipac

The go-to solution for bulk storage and display of hefty vegetables like potatoes, onions and carrots. Thanks to its lightweight and hygienic design, this is the perfect, sale-ready container for warehouse to retail transfers. The Maxipac is foldable, cutting down on storage and transportation and boosting the sustainability of your process. Its drop doors offer convenient access even when stacked, facilitating restocking by staff and selection by customers. Available in both wheeled and pallet-based versions, it provides versatility and mobility. Catering specifically to the dynamics of bulk produce, the Maxinest shines during high-demand seasons, such as pumpkins ahead of Halloween.

For e-commerce: Magnum Optimum and Boxerpac

The Magnum Optimum (MO) and BoxerPac container series are well suited for e-commerce, and in particular for bulk distribution. The containers are robust, protecting the products throughout shipping, but they’re also collapsible, making for efficient storage and return logistics. That saves both time and space – two things e-tailers are always looking to optimize. Adaptable and durable, the MO and BoxerPac series are ideal solutions for the dynamic needs of online trade.

For distributing fresh fish: Retenpal

Short for “retention pallet”, Retenpal can be paired with our specialised fish crates to create a great solution for transporting fresh fish. With its high nesting ratio, Retenpal maximises space efficiency during return logistics. Its hygienic design ensures seafood can be transported without concern for wet floors – a common challenge when transporting fish and shellfish crates. Easy to clean and with four-way forklift entry, Retenpal is ideal for streamlining operations in fresh food supply chains. And with its new track and trace capabilities, asset management has been greatly simplified.

For transporting and showcasing bread: Broban

Dual-purpose bread crates: both for transporting and for showcasing bread and bakery items. Highly ventilated, these crates reduce condensation, ensure baked goods cool quickly, and remain fresh. They stack and nest for efficiency, helping to streamline the logistical process. On top of that, their appealing look makes them a good fit for bread retailing, either in bakeries or in other retailers.

For tracking and tracing: SmartLink

Generating actionable supply chain insights: that’s the idea behind SmartLink, which allows you to pro-actively manage and optimise your entire fleet, using our portal to centralise your asset management. It doesn’t get more simple or convenient than that. Of course, this translates into streamlined operations, generating savings. With improved visibility come better chances to prevent, deter and mitigate theft and loss – outcomes that are cost-effective in themselves, but also have the potential to lower insurance premiums.

Looking for a packaging solution that is sustainable, versatile, adaptable, efficient and ergonomic? Schoeller Allibert has what you need!