Take your RTPs to the next level with SmartLink® by Schoeller Allibert - Now available via app (iOS & Android)

If you have thousands or even hundreds of logistical assets, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all. That’s a serious headache. But there is a solution, and it’s called SmartLink®.

First, the obvious advantage: automation takes the hours and the staff out of stock checks. SmartLink® delivers an instant and complete overview in seconds – and any time. That’s a money-saver right there.

But SmartLink® does more than merely automate. To the convenience of an instant and permanent overview of what’s where, it adds info on which assets are available – which is especially useful if you have various asset types in the same location.

‘Permanent’ also means that you get insights into how specific assets are used… or not used. This is actionable data, which will enhance asset management, and ultimately improve KPIs.

Schoeller Allibert is proud of SmartLink® - cutting-edge technology that is only available via us! Contact Schoeller Allibert Services for more information on our end-to-end SmartLink® solution. This includes box, device and platform. which can also be consulted via app (for iOS or Android). And the solution integrates with your native systems.

SmartLink® makes your returnable transit packaging smart. So take your RTP's to the next level, and get SmartLink®!