When scientists began seeking a vaccine in early 2020, they were very careful in communicating a possible delivery date. The development of a vaccine is something that cannot be rushed and the fastest any vaccine had previously been developed from sample to approved vaccine, was 4 years.

The future of vaccine science has been changed thanks to the COVID-19 experience. Early December 2020 the first pharmaceutical companies, requested approval for the first fully tested immunization for emergency use.

The official first emergency use authorization (EUA) for a COVID-19 vaccine was given on December 11, 2020. This authorization allows the distribution in the U.S. The EMA (European Medicines Agency) followed by recommending it for authorization in the EU on Dember 21; 2020. The next challenge lies now to produce it in massive quantities to supply it on a global level.

Schoeller Allibert contributes in the global battle against covid19 with cg chemikalien gmbh co kg

At Schoeller Allibert we understand that this can be very challenging and we have undertaken action to make sure that CG Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG have the best quality intermediate bulk containers (ComboLife® IBC 65) to securely transport their liquid raw materials to the pharmaceutical companies so production of the COVID-19 vaccine will not be delayed due to lack of raw materials.

When transporting liquid raw materials of such a high value it is important to make sure the option of tamper evidence and strapping is available to ensure safety. Our foldable intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are safe, hygienic, and efficient for pharmaceutical industries and make sure that after use the IBC can be returned and reused.

Want to track the IBC in the logistics flow? No problem, while multiple identification and tracking options are possible. The barcode labels and RFID & IOT pockets enable efficient fleet management.

ComboLife® top benefits

  1. Bisphenol-A free material butterfly valve available with 250 and 1000 L liners. Latest EC and French food contact regulations. Reusable IBC with disposable liner and valve prevents contamination.

  2. Maximized savings: 60% folding ratio allows 5 stacked columns of folded IBC per truck, drastically reducing reverse logistics costs.

  3. Fast and easy handling: thanks to its design, Combo can be set up and handled by one operator only.

  4. Tough and long-lasting: the double-wall structure enables up to 7500 kg stacking load or 4 on 1 piles minimizing storage space. Combo withstands road rail and sea freight with 1400 kg unit load.

Link to ComboLife® 65 on the website

Combo Excelsior Hybrid® benefits

  1. The most hygienic and safe foldable IBC: 100% safe, easy to clean design from base to lid, no dirt or water traps, and needle contamination proof. 100% smooth and double-wall sturdy design increases internal volume and ensures compatibility with high-speed filling processes.

  2. Outstanding performance: maximum safety when stacked fully loaded thanks to the T-shaped locking system. The lid is water-tight, self-locking, and features multiple strap locations.

  3. Improved handling and labor-saving: Easily erected and folded by one operator only. The bottom discharge zone speeds up the liner and valve set up and removal. Faster removal thanks to our easy valve release system, the Releasy® mechanism. The reusable dustcover ensures bottom discharge protection against dirt which can be sealed with “one way”.

  4. Automation friendly: The Combo Excelsior Hybrid® is fully compatible with conveyors and most automated handling systems.

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