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Schoeller Allibert, Europe’s leading manufacturer of plastic returnable transport packaging (RTP), now offers a range of products that are available to rent. Renting our products allows you to invest in - and benefit from - our high-quality RTP solutions at a fixed rate without the need for Capex investment. Our rental services enables you to flexibly upscale your fleet as necessary: simply hire what you need, when you need it.

Schoeller Allibert Services is your “one-stop-shop" for renting, repairing, maintaining, delivering or collecting your RTP. Our well known Foldable Large Container (FLC) and Combo ranges are available to rent in all of our 8 key markets: Agriculture, Industrial Manufacturing, Food-and Food Processing, Automotive, (r)-Etail, Cosmetics & Pharma, Chemicals and Beverage.

Our FLC’s range from being lightweight to heavy duty, and are available in 3 standard footprints. They have been specially developed for use over long distances and a large number of return trips, maximising cost savings and lowering your carbon footprint.

Our Combo foldable IBC is used for handling and transporting liquids/fluids, across the food, pharmaceutical and non-hazardous chemical industries, and is 100% hygienic and safe.  Thanks to its unique folding ratio, our Combo IBC offers maximum cost savings on return trips, and reduces the environmental impact compared to one way or rigid IBC alternatives.

We are able to offer multiple bulk ranges for rental as displayed below:

SmartLink® technology tracks your containers

Being able to track and trace your product throughout the supply chain is becoming increasingly important. Schoeller Allibert has been developing and implementing RFID solutions since 1998, and can provide many products with RFID tags. Products fitted with RFID tags can help to make supply chains leaner and boost the profitability and sustainability of packaging fleets. In 2021, Schoeller Allibert introduced its latest innovation, SmartLink®, that allows users to connect and monitor their assets via the secure cloud based SmartLink® platform. Discrete sensors embedded within the SmartLink® enabled product transmit data in real time, allowing businesses to monitor geolocation, temperature, fill level and battery levels amongst other key metrics.

We are pleased to offer three different packages:

1. Schoeller Allibert Services assets - Rent

  • Schoeller Allibert owns the assets

  • Asset is equipped with tag and a unique ID

  • Choose the duration and type of contract

  • Pay fixed monthly fee

2. Schoeller Allibert’s assets equipped with SmartLink® asset tracking - Buy

  • Customer owns the asset outright

  • SmartLink® installation - possible for both pre-owned and new assets

  • One-time purchase of SmartLink® device and unique ID followed by a monthly SmartLink® fee

3. Use of non-Schoeller Allibert assets - Buy Back

  • Customer owns assets made by a manufacturer other than Schoeller Allibert

  • Schoeller Allibert purchases the assets under the terms of the ‘SA Buy Back Scheme’

  • Material analysis - if materials are approved, they are then recycled and manufactured into new Schoeller Allibert branded assets

  • Purchase of new Schoeller Allibert assets, tag and unique ID combined with a monthly SmartLink® fee

SmartLink® makes your assets ‘intelligent’. It allows you to achieve wireless control and proactively maintain your fleet. The built-in sensor tracks and receives data via LPWAN and transmits minimum twice per day. This data can then be reported on to gain useful insights to support asset management and optimization decisions. Schoeller Allibert’s rental assets are equipped with a barcode label and a SmartLink® tag. Each barcode label has a unique ID number and combined with the SmartLink® tag enables the asset to be tracked and traced. After activating your assets, all data can be accessed on the Schoeller Allibert SmartLink® platform.

A Bespoke Range of Folding Trays

Our versatile Foldable Small Containers (FSC’s) are used in a wide range of industries and applications from the food retail supply chain to automotive parts distribution. Being standard in their footprints and providing space savings of up to 85%, FSC's are the most profitable and environmentally friendly reusable logistics solution.

Since the very beginning, IFCO and Euro Pool Systems have used Schoeller Allibert to be their pooling partner and supply them with FSCs. This partnership has lasted for more than two decades, during which time we have worked together to produce a range of bespoke, market leading FSCs, that are primarily focussed on the fresh produce sector. They can be used throughout the entire supply chain, from field to hypermarket shelf. Their low folded heights improve vehicle fill and return logistics.

Main benefits:

  • Super low folded heights maximise vehicle fill and return logistics

  • Light weight trays for easy handling and reduced fuel costs

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Strong and robust for a long service life

  • Fully recyclable at the end of their long working life

Highlighted products for services:

Combo Excelsior, our star product:

  • Foldable – optimized transport

  • High load capacity per box

  • Smartlink ® ready

  • Bottom discharge

  • DN50 valve

  • Fully recyclelable

  • Easy to brand

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Magnum Optimum 1208, our start product:

  • High folding ratio - optimized transport

  • Easy to use - unique pull self-lock doors

  • Optiframe ® - feature adding 105mm to a box allowing boxes to stay foldable when dunnage is inside

  • Optional available with 4 drop doors ensuring an ergonomical emptying of the box

  • Smartlink ® ready

  • Easy to customize (ID plates, printing, label holder)

  • Versatile – multiple versions and runners configurations available

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