Steffi Ceunen & Julie De Bruyckere receiving the award

We are excited to announce that Schoeller Allibert has been honored with the esteemed runner-up prize in the category of Innovation in Packaging and Materials at the NL Packaging Awards 2023. The award ceremony took place on June 26th at the Singer Theater in Laren, where Jort Kelder, a well-known figure, presented the 14 awards to the deserving winners.

The Corona 20-pocket beer crate captivated the jury with its groundbreaking injection molding technique. This innovative process brings together different streams of plastic with varying Melt Flow Index, presenting a significant technical challenge. By combining high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from old crates with plastic waste from the maritime industry, which possesses extrusion quality, the producer has managed to transform a perceived limitation—imperfect mixing—into a unique selling point.

The resulting marble effect beautifully showcases the blending of materials, making each crate truly distinctive. Notably, this innovative solution utilizes an impressive 91% recycled plastic, with 20% derived from maritime sources. This represents a remarkable development and demonstrates a significant contribution to sustainability.

Corona Crate

While the jury commends the incorporation of maritime plastic waste and the innovative use of multiple waste streams, they have raised a valid concern regarding the weight of the crate. It remains unclear whether the high weight is necessary due to the use of maritime plastic or if it serves to compensate for specific properties. This aspect warrants further investigation and optimization.

Julie De Bruyckere, Key Account Manager Beverage, explains:

"Thank you for highlighting the factors contributing to the weight of the crate. The use of maritime plastic waste and the need for thicker walls are indeed the primary reasons for the increased weight. This weight is necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the crate when it is stacked using crossbond stacking, which is commonly practiced in various countries. 

Our team has thoroughly discussed weight optimization, and we have concluded that further weight reduction would compromise the desired properties of the crate. However, we acknowledge the concerns raised by the jury. We are open to conducting additional investigations and pursuing optimization efforts to explore alternative solutions that address the weight concerns while maintaining the required properties and functionalities of the crate."

Despite this consideration, the jury unanimously agreed that the Corona 20-pocket beer crate demonstrated sufficient innovation to earn the prestigious runner-up award. The utilization of maritime plastic waste and the creative integration of various plastic sources showcased a commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency.

This recognition is a testament to Schoeller Allibert's dedication to pushing the boundaries of packaging technology and their contribution to a more sustainable future.

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The NL Packaging Awards celebrate excellence in packaging design, innovation, and sustainability. They congratulate Schoeller Allibert on this outstanding achievement and their significant contribution to the packaging industry. This runner-up award reflects their vision, creativity, and commitment to sustainable packaging solutions. They eagerly anticipate witnessing further innovative developments from Schoeller Allibert and their ongoing efforts to shape the future of packaging.