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Schoeller Allibert has invested in a state of the art blow moulding machine to double its in-house production capacity for the Maxipac, in response to increasing demand for the folding bulk shipper.

The new machine at Schoeller Allibert’s Winsford factory in the UK will be used to manufacture the blow moulded panels that are used for the Maxipac as well as roll cage bases. The state of the art technology can make two blow moulded panels at the same time, enabling the company to produce a Maxipac container every 100 seconds.

The Maxipac folding bulk container provides a compact solution for storage, distribution or retail ready point of sale. Schoeller Allibert has seen increasing demand for the product, particularly among retailers because the blow moulded panels are both impact resistant and provide a more customer orientated design for product merchandising.

Matt Smith, Operations Director Europe West for Schoeller Allibert, explains: “We are the only reusable transit packaging manufacturer to use the blow moulding technique, others rely on injection moulding. This gives the Maxipac many advantages and is the reason it has become so popular in many different industries – for example, its panels are all incredibly strong with smooth surfaces, which are easy to clean and provide better ergonomics and aesthetics.

“In the grocery sector, Maxipac units have traditionally been used to transport and display potatoes, ready for picking at point of sale by customers. However, the strength and flexibility of the product means it is being considered for other products, such as eggs. We are also seeing demand from DIY retailers and manufacturers, who can use the product to effectively store parts for easy accessibility at point of sale as well as in warehouses and on the production line.”

The blow moulding investment adds to the two existing machines at the site, doubling Schoeller Allibert’s in-house production capacity in the UK. Matt Smith continues: “This investment boosts our in-house capacity and gives us greater control of the whole production process. It will also guarantee supply to our customers, as we see continuing high demand for folding containers with superior volume and load capacity to keep transport costs down and compact folded measurements to keep return costs to a minimum.”

The new investment will also help Schoeller Allibert meet increasing demand for plastic roll cage bases, which are much quieter in operation than traditional metal ones. The machine will be used to manufacture full and half size blow moulded plastic bases for roll cages.