JumboNest, voted one of the Top 100 best-designed Dutch industrial products

We are very proud to announce that our rigid pallet container, “JumboNest®”, was selected to be one of the hundred best-designed Dutch industrial products. After winning the Red Dot Award in 2020, being shortlisted for the UK Packaging Awards in 2020 and winning the Obal Roku Award in 2021, this is the third award effectively won by Schoeller Allibert for this innovative container.

JumboNest® is available in two versions: with 8 feet (reference 8282100) or with 2 runners and 2 feet (reference 8282200). Special about this reusable plastic container is that it is the largest one-off moulded stack- and nestable rigid pallet container on the market. Optional you can also add castors to guarantee maximum maneuverability.

We also offer rentals

Schoeller Allibert also recognizes that not all companies wish to invest in purchasing reusable packaging materials. As a result, we are also able to offer the JumboNest® in a rental version.

Moreover, because of its Snap-In RFID option and SmartLink® readiness, the JumboNest® is transformed into a smart container which can be tracked and traced to enhance food safety. Besides our JumboNest® we offer a wide variety of rigid pallet containers, pallets, intermediate bulk containers and many more.

Build for the food industry

The food industry requires hygienic packaging materials to ensure food safety where temperature is an important value to monitor. Thanks to the SmartLink® integration, you can monitor the location, temperature, and humidity of your products during transport.

While energy prices are going through the roof, it is important to find ways to use less energy. Thanks to the conical design of the sidewalls, the JumboNest® has an improved cold air circulation and airflow when containers are stacked and flanked. This reduces the amount of energy needed to store temperature-critical items, minimizing the environmental impact but also your energy bill.

About the Top 100 best-designed products

Through its annual survey of the 100 best-designed products, the independent Designlink Foundation aims to showcase how the discipline of product design (industrial design) contributes to addressing small and large societal challenges. With more than 35 years of experience in awarding 'Good Industrial Design' (GIO) recognitions, Designlink has the authority and reputation to do so credibly and convincingly.

To be included in the top 100 products list, entries have to be very relevant, because they address where there are gaps in the market, and they must provide a solution to a real problem. The designs must also be innovative and/or original, designed in the Netherlands by a Dutch company or a Dutch designer and can not be older than 2 years.