Introducing the newest and tallest version of the Magnum Optimum® 1210 series, Magnum Optimum® 1125

We are excited to share that Schoeller Allibert’s strongest Foldable Large Container (FLC) series will get a new addition, the tallest version in the range.

The Magnum Optimum® series has become a global standard. What started as a dedicated automotive FLC, was quickly adopted by the wider industry to transport dry bulk goods using 1210 and 1208 footprints. But Schoeller Allibert always aims higher and therefore we are proud to introduce our tallest Magnum Optimum® with a footprint of 1210 and a height of 1125 mm. Resistant to temperature extremes, from -20°c to 40°c, Magnum Optimum® 1125 is durable, practical and versatile.  

Announcing the launch of Magnum Optimum® 1125 CEO of Schoeller Allibert, Ludo Gielen said:

“At Schoeller Allibert, continuous and durable improvement is at the heart of what we do and we are proud to present Magnum Optimum® 1125 as a demonstration of that commitment. Anticipating the necessity to reduce our carbon footprint, we as Schoeller Allibert take upon our responsibility to make sure we are at the right side of the future.” 

Customisable, repairable, reusable, sustainable. 

The Magnum Optimum® 1125 offers many identification options such as recessed zones for barcode labels on all sides and large inserts for customer logos for easy identification of the fleet. The ID plate on the base provides height and handling instructions to enable efficient tracking and fleet management. Recesses and pockets in skids are included for RFID labels or IoT devices, allowing 100% accurate and individual container management.  

Thanks to SmartLink® readiness, we are prepared for the future of logistics. The ability to track and trace deliveries in real-time provides total visibility and highlights transportation pinch points promoting future best practices – helping save on fuel costs and reducing polluting CO2 emissions. 

Rent now 

There is no need to wait to decarbonize supply chains. Our rental program makes sure you do not have to make a costly initial investment but only pay a fixed rental fee. Thanks to SmartLink®  clients can manage their own ‘pool’ and visualize their supply chains to identify actionable insights such as minimising losses or theft, implementing KPI’s and reducing costs.  

Reduce your Carbon Footprint 

The Magnum Optimum® 1125 only weighs 57 kg, has a usable volume of 1007 L and a unit load of up to 500 kg. The Magnum Optimum® 1125 makes logistics efficient and reduces fuel consumption by saving up 73% space when empty.  In a standard trailer you can add up to 52 boxes erected, and up to 208 folded Magnum Optimum® 1125, offering up to 40% space-saving in return logistics. 

Ease-of-use and smooth design 

Built to maximise space and minimise reverse logistics costs, Magnum Optimum® 1125 is foldable and stackable up to ten units high, while a reinforced base enables this versatile container to hold 2200 kg static stacked load. Smooth, snag-free sides allow for single operator assembly in just 5 seconds.  

If you want to store empty dunnage in the FLC when it is folded you can add an Optiframe and add 105 mm extra per layer (up to 3 Optiframes possible).  

Built for operational excellence  

100% rackable and designed with standard sized panels and using Schoeller Allibert’s exclusive Bayonet® interlocking system, Magnum Optimum® 1125 is fully repairable, lowering long-term maintenance costs. Completely recyclable after its minimum 10-year lifespan, Magnum Optimum® 1125 embodies the latest innovations within the circular economy. The Magnum Optimum® 1125 is extremely suitable for applications concerning e-waste, pharma, automotive and caps & closures, but can also be used in several other markets.  

Configured for endurance 

Fully configurable based on the following options: 

  • Lid/dust cover 

  • Label holder(s) 

  • Short sidewall options 

  • Long sidewall options 

  • Optiframe(s) (up to 3) 

  • Base footprint options

Technical details include: 

  • External measurements: 1200mm x 1000mm x 1125mm 

  • Internal measurements: 1140mm x 940mm x 940mm 

  • Weight: 57 kg 

  • Capacity: 1007 L 

  • Unit load: 500 kg 

  • Static stacked load: 2200 kg 

  • Folding ratio: 73% 

  • Folding height: 325 mm 

  • Temperature range: -20°c to 40°c 

  • Different configurations are possible. Soon also available in Hopper or Optishute® versions.

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