Introducing ChemiFlow® The 100% plastic UN approved 1200 x 1000mm intermediate bulk container (IBC)

Versatile, leak proof and resistant to corrosion, ChemiFlow® is the latest sustainable solution in bulk container manufacturing – designed by Europe’s leading logistics innovators. Resilient, recyclable and safety compliant, ChemiFlow® is an UN certified 100% plastic, 1200mm x1000mm footprint, 1000L IBC approved to transport hazardous materials. Manufactured to withstand temperature extremes from -18°c up to 40°c, ChemiFlow® is the number one choice for industries including: chemicals, cosmetics and pharma, pooling, industrial manufacturing, and food and food processing.

Announcing the launch of ChemiFlow®: Schoeller Allibert Executive Team says:

“ChemiFlow® represents the latest step in the transportation of sensitive materials. It’s also a demonstration of our pro-active approach to listening and fulfilling industry demands. As leaders and innovators in supply chain operations, Schoeller Allibert is committed to the development of sustainable solutions that are fit for purpose now and for the future.”

Made in Europe, internationally compliant

Carrying up to 1000 litres and made from 100% highly resistant plastic, ChemiFlow® is also certified compliant with ADR, RID and IMDG regulations – enabling seamless bulk international transportation and shipment.

With its versatile safety filling and emptying system and tamper evident cover, ChemiFlow® safeguards against damaging and cross contamination. Its centrally positioned top-fill makes ChemiFlow® easy to use and universally compatible with no need to configure machinery.

Automatic venting cuts the risk of overpressure while an optional closed system prevents the release of fumes. A fast-flow vent kit and single valve release ensures speedy emptying in just three minutes and a uniquely sloped base guarantees liquids are effectively and efficiently drained leaving minimal residue.

Designed for longevity

Simple to repair, effortless to clean and stackable up to four containers high when empty, ChemiFlow® is built to optimise space and productivity. A choice of three or six runner skids and a toughened external shell, makes ChemiFlow® both exceptionally manoeuvrable yet able to survive even the harshest shipping conditions.

Choose from four ChemiFlow® leakproof valves. Plus, the exclusive twist and lock Bayonet® construction system means components can be removed and reassembled directly by the operator.

Optimised for the present, made smart for the future

Inventory management is simple with numerous strategically positioned areas for labelling and quick identification. ChemiFlow® can also be fully integrated with RFID and Internet of Things (IoT) technology allowing for improved visibility. Track and trace shipments with accuracy using real time data including location, temperature and liquid level to ensure on time, in full delivery for each and every asset.

The use of ChemiFlow® smart technology promotes sustainability, shaping future best practice by identifying efficient transport routes, increasing overall supply chain efficiency; all while reducing losses.

Customised for durability and excellence

ChemiFlow® can be configured in a number of ways to create the ideal solution for a number of applications.

Technical details include:

  • External measurements: 1000mm x 1200mm x 1323mm

  • ISO standard footprint: 1000mm x1200mm

  • Weight with 3 runners: 134kg

  • Weight with 6 runners: 137kg

  • Static load: 2200kg

  • Stacking height: 1308mm

  • Useable volume: 1000L

  • UN certified: 31HH1 up to 1.9g/cm³

  • Temperature range: -18°c to 40°c

  • Valve availability: DN50 EPDM (yellow and red), DN50 Viton with GRPP body (green), DN50 Viton with PE body (blue).

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