Corona Extra crate won the German Packaging award

We are excited to share with you that the Corona Extra crate, a collaboration with AB InBev and Schoeller Allibert, has won the German Packaging award in the category New Material. 

Together with AB InBev, we have developed the beautiful and sustainable Corona Extra crate, made with more than 90% recycled material including maritime industry plastic waste. 

Why is this crate so sustainable?

100% recyclable

This latest addition to AB InBev’s crate family is 100% recyclable, allowing the beer brand to switch from a linear to a circular plastic waste stream. A lot of thought went into the design of the new packaging solution. The crates have a marbled exterior, which is different for each unit. This adds to the brand’s value on several levels. Firstly, it creates a ‘riptide’ effect, which resonates with its maritime narrative. Secondly, it makes the crates stand out where it matters – on the shelves, where consumers make their choice. Thirdly, it resonates with the brand’s own ‘perfectly imperfect’ personality, in tune with the wild unpredictability of nature in general, and oceans in particular.

Twin goals

“We always say that brands don’t have to choose between sustainability and performance for their packaging. The Corona 20-pocket beer crate is a prime example,” comments Schoeller Allibert CSO Jan De Witte. “Corona beer was ‘born on the beach’ and is made from 100% natural ingredients. That inspired our team to pursue the twin goals of protecting the environment and ensuring customers can enjoy the product sustainably.”

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