Lubricants segment in UK

Major players in the technically advanced lubricants sector in UK have chosen ROPAC UN pails not only for 100% safety and reliability.

Market drivers of the customer

  • Buying a lighter weight UN pail

  • Damage in transit with leaks and spills

  • Poor tamper evidence and security

  • Premium product and brand image

  • Needed high quality packaging for high quality product

  • Improve the protection and integrity of the product

  • Brand image continuity

  • Reliable product quality

  • Technical support and direct contact with factory


  • Market leading premium product

  • Family range of products

  • Distintive color required for marketing and brand image

  • High level service expectancy

  • Managing demand

  • Theft prevention and fraud

  • In house labelling


  • Deliver a premium product

  • Deliver a family range of products

  • Source a special colour

  • Propose a workable and productive order schedule

  • Proactively manage the account and order requirement

  • Prove that stock holding is not required by factory


  • 5 & 20 Litre UN Solids approved pails

  • Tamper evident seal and polygonic wall increased secuirty and strength

  • Orange 33 approved for color

  • Proactively manage demand and logistic process

  • Framed order reducing production demand on SAS factory

  • Managed changeover with label supplier


Marketing advantages

  • Family range of products in line with existing packaging

  • Higher quality pack to match premium brand image

  • Superior product supplied in superior packaging

Specific advantages

  • Less orders and direct supply

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Local relationship key

  • Easy to manage and less risk of change


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