Zoom: Egg processing industry - Combo Life

Zoom : Egg processing industry - Combolife

Each European consumer eats about 14,5 kgs of eggs every year. Egg "products" such as liquid egg or egg powder are growing fast due to the heavy trend towards convenience food. Egg processors are delivering to food manufacturers for inclusion in products as diverse as mayonnaise, morning goods and bread, sandwiches and prepared meals...

Schoeller Allibert's Combo life IBC is the ideal container for liquid egg distribution all over Europe and has proven to be 100% reliable and profitable.

Egg processing industry is quite concentrated in EC 27 and mostly developed in Western Europe countries. Still Poland is also a major player of this industry with around 8 % of total production. Since January 2012, in line with Directive 1999/74/EC, battery cages have been banned and alternative more comfortable systems for laying hens have been installed in all EC 27.

Many food companies do not buy whole eggs but are interested in so called “liquid eggs” - eggs already broken without eggshells. As the eggshell naturally protects the content, it is very important to have a good solution to protect the delicate eggs from getting rotten before they are delivered to the customer. Depending on the process used to break and pack the eggs their shelf life and denomination varies. To be called “Fresh egg” and have 28days life, they must be pasteurized, filled and stored in aseptic conditions.

Liquid egg processor can store and ship liquid eggs in rigid stainless steel containers or tank lorries but this means that each empty container or lorry has to be steam cleaned after each use which always brings up the risk that they are not totally clean. What’s more tank lorries transport is extremely expensive and the return cost for non-foldable rigid containers is high, even when they are empty. Foldable stainless steel or aluminum containers with disposable liner inside are also an option , however their price, weight, folding ratio and expensive maintenance are major drawbacks compared to 100% plastic foldable IBC Combo Life.

Combo Life system from Schoeller Allibert represents an ideal packaging solution which ensures 100% safety for the liquid eggs customers. With sterilized disposable liner and unique aseptic Polycarbonate DN50 butterfly valve food safety is guaranteed. Strong pallet base and welded double wall smooth structure, allow more than 1400 K unit load and stacking up to 4 on 1 to optimize storage in cool chambers.

With a folding ration of 60% up to 110 pcs of empty folded Combo containers can fit in a standard lorry, saving cots and carbon footprint on reverse logistics. Polypropylene material and strong design ensure outstanding mechanical performances and resistance to rough handling.

The use of disposable liner reduces the risk of product contamination which exists in non-bag in box solutions. Launched in late nineties Combo Life has been chosen by the egg industry leaders in Europe and convince new customers each year thanks to safety reasons and it’s cost saving features.