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Alfapac is a polymer film manufacturing company who provides hygienic packaging solutions to most industrial sectors.

Borealis AB, Leader Company in plastic raw material, supplied Alfapac with plastic raw materials in composite one way packaging made of a wooden pallet, a cardboard octagonal box and an inner sleeve to insure hygiene.

The issues

The unit cost of packaging per delivery was high.Stacking strength of the packaging being limited only one/ one full unit could be stored.

Using a lot of floor space at Alfapac.

Waste of different packaging materials had to be sorted before destruction. Alfapac was looking for sustainable and less expensive packaging solution.

The Schoeller Allibert solution

Schoeller Allibert offered different solutions in line with all process and logistics requirements from both parties.

After tests and trials, the Combo Aqua 285BD with small variant creation in base was adopted as the optimized solution for process, storage and logistics.

Schoeller Allibert solution main benefits

Combo 285 1140 X1140 IBC footprint perfectly fits with existing automated handling and conveying system at both ends.

Thanks to robust smooth construction the Combo with inner bag runs smoothly and efficiently inside the Borealis process. Hygiene requirement are fully met.

His stacking strength allows piles of 5 full units drastically reducing storage space at both companies.

Thanks to Combo high folding ratio return trips are cost effective.

The expected lifetime of combo in this logistic loop has been estimated to ten years making the solution a very profitable investment.

Initially designed for fluid handling, Combo Aqua has proven to be the best sustainable and cost effective solution for Alfapac Sweden.