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Fruites Caberol is a Spanish company processing and distributing a wide range of fruits. They strive to supply the best quality fruits. Located in Alcarràs (Lleida) province of Catalonia (Spain).

Fruites Caberol is a family company that was founded in 1967. With a group of companies as shareholders. They commercialize fruit which is produced according to Globalgap technical specifications (set of Worldwide norms and rules for a durable, quality oriented agriculture with a better environmental care and respect).

Their top quality products are grown in a favoured natural setting where the fruit matures and receives all the care, attention and testing necessary to guarantee their clients the best possible product in terms of appearance, flavor and aroma.

The main fruits produced and sold by Fruites Caberol are: cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches, flat peaches, flat nectarines, pears and apples.

Old way of working

Once using wooden big boxes causing quality uses and not offering constant tare due to moisture absorption, Fruites Caberol started to shift to plastic Big boxes form different manufacturers.

Always striving to improve harvesting and handling efficiency and quality preservation of fruits the customer had the opportunity to try and test AgriLog along with other competition containters.

Fruites Caberol, has spacious modern premises with a total surface area of 62,000 m². The company stores and processes 40,000 TM of fruit per year. The state-of-the-art equipped premises guarantee maximum hygiene and 100% traceability from field to store shelf.

During 2016 summer season Fruites Caberol could experiment and witness the main benefits of using AgriLog shallow big box form field to sorting and processing automated systems.

  • Light and easy to handle in orchards, AgriLog also offers maximum care to fruits when harvesting thanks to its smooth and slanted surfaces.

  • Maximized volume thanks to curved walls enable to use less containers for more fruits inside.

  • During cool chambers storage, highly ventilated walls and base promote airflow and speed cooling process compatibility with tipping and automated handling increase efficiency of the washing process.

  • Constant tare and easy cleansing are additional benefits allowing outside storage of empties and 100% reliable weighing process of full containers